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Summer Reading


As many people can attest to, one of the greatest days one can have in Duluth is sitting inside on a rainy day with a good book. I am a big music fan and an avid reader so those are good days for me. I have found a series of books that I fee many people on here will enjoy. This series is kind of a "listening manual" to some of the greatest albums ever made. There are about 40 in the series so there will be something for everybody. I am in the middle of Radioheads OK Computer installment and am loving it. You will either have to order them online or have Barnes and Noble order them for you because they don't stock them. I hope you check them out because I think you will enjoy them!


dunno about dullyouth, but record stores here in chitown carry these books. they could pro-bly order at the fetus.

I'm definitely a big music fan, and I am just as definitely not a music expert. I've long been wishing to improve my "appreciation," rather than my ability to perform music; I sometimes think that the frustrations of musical performance (read: "practicing") have done great harm to my appreciation of music at large.

Apart from playing yourself, what are some of the best things you've done to enhance your enjoyment of music? I'm certainly interested in learning of books like these that are particularly good, but more ideas in general would be great.

Taking ecstasy (though cocaine works in a pinch, but tends to shorten your attention span).

Drinking beer with a little sidecar of whisky (not too much though).

Going to shows with friends (not more than 2 at a time, and preferably only one).

Not talking to the people who make the music, about the music (just complicates things, unless you want to make music, in which case I assume that this can be helpful with sounds, and set up, and connections, and whatnot).

Most people I talk to just smile and nod!!!

It sounds simple, but I find that just listening does a lot. I try not to do too much research about bands I like until I really am infatuated with their music itself. I really don't like to know what they look like or anything about their personal lives. I just try to listen, and then if I'm interested, find a few factoids about them.

It's about the music, not about the musicians, for me.

I didn't reccomend these books as a study guide or anything. They are just interesting to read if anyone is looking for a good book. BTW I just started the PJ Harvey installment and am hooked on it after page 10!

People who hate going over the hill (like me) and want to support your local bookseller might want to order these books -- or any book, for that matter -- from the nice people at Northern Lights Bookstore in Canal Park. I do all my special ordering from them and they do a fabulous job, and I usually get the books pretty quickly.

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