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Soon This Will Be Me!


OK, It's a man and not a woman, and I wouldn't be caught dead in that kind of a barrel, it would have to be a much fancier barrel...

Girl From The North Country has been having an extended spate of bad luck, involving doctors and lawyers and such, and therefore requires to shed many of her material possessions, and indeed, her house. Many many beautiful antiques will be sold at the Park Point Garage Sale (June 13 & 14th I believe) at 10th St in front of the Big Grey House. Your purchase will go to defray a substantial legal retainer (no fault of my own, I assure you, merely to protect me from some very serious Baddies).

As for the house, I have a very solid 3 bedroom house near the Coppertop Church (on the same street as the Mayor, quel chic!), built in 1923, it is cool in summer and warm in winter due to its thick walls and sturdy construction. It has a two car garage, an empty tax forfeited lot behind (which may be able to be purchased from the County), and a beautiful creek wandering through. Decent furnace and roof, wooded lot, two decks (one overlooking creek, the other off an upstairs bedroom with nice view and also near creek), three bedrooms and one bathroom, though rudimentary plumbing for another in basement. Undeveloped basement but plenty of storage room (pretty dry for an older house near a creek), open living room/dining room plan, roomy kitschy 50's diner kitchen, small windowed front porch, plenty of parking in front of double garage and in driveway. Bathroom was recently updated with new tub, sink, stool, ceramic floor, textured walls. Lower level and bedrooms have hardwood floors.

The downside is that since I'm a single Mom, it's not completely in tip top shape (some rooms could use painting, could use better carpet on stairs, hardwood floors are nice but would be fantastic with sanding) and also I let the garden go a little wild last year so there are many wildflowers (OK some are weeds) in the front yard. Blooms all year, though! The street outside is somewhat busy but my kids were 6 & 8 when we moved here and we never had a problem; the backyard and creek area are a child's paradise so they seldom played in the front.

I would need about $130,000 for it. The taxable value (which in Duluth is often quite a bit less than actual value) proposed for next year is $125,000, raised from $80K to $98K to $125K in the last few years, as the neighborhood and site are really pretty nice. It's a super solid house and we've been happy here but my youngest will be graduating soon and I would really like to be a little more liquid since I'm soon facing the fight of my life, legally. This would be a great starter home for a nice PDD family that is tired of paying rent.

If you send me an email, we can make arrangements for you to see it (once I get all of the garage sale stuff out of it!), if anyone is interested. One of my friends is a realtor but I thought that PDD might be a nice place to find someone who would love this place as much as we have.


I'd like to get some more information. Our four-year-old daughter has been threatening to leave Duluth if we do not get a new house. I suspect that her dissatisfaction is due at least in part to the fact that we are currently remodeling our only bathroom, and right now, it cosists of a toilet in the hallway, bare original studs and exterior boards. Pretty sad, but it should be fabulous if it ever gets finished. Please e-mail me your e-mail address, to [email protected]. I am sorry to hear about your current financial circumstances, and I hope that your attorney(s) do good work for you.

We're still home hunting so please send info our way, too.
Thanks and so very sorry for your spate o' bad luck.

Hey Lucie, it looks like you are in St. Paul - Your old house looks quite a bit nicer than mine, but you can certainly get a lot of house in Duluth for $130K.

Post your email (Or get mine from Paul or Barrett) and I will send you any info you like.

Hey there GFNC, I'd sure like to check out your assets!

Best of luck! I feel for your situation - I just foreclosed on a house that I couldn't afford after my ex-husband emptied our savings and moved away.
So on the bright side, it could be worse! ;)

Bad Cat, hey, I'm with you, I ended up homeless when I was divorced (both times!). So things gotta get better, right?

Herbert, you can check out my 'assets' at the Park Point Garage Sale - by then, I may or may not be wearing a barrel...

GFNC -- good luck, I hope your home finds a new owner who loves it as much as you obviously do.

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