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Science has finally gone to far!

I've tried to stay out of the whole zombie mess up to this point. I'm mildly ruffled at the thought of having people I dont even really know tell me that now they've eaten my soul with some kind of web app like "ur my zombie" on facebook. But now, the possibility of resurrecting undead vikings has caused me to take a more serious look at potential zombie attack. I know this has been discussed here at length but it didn't involve real, actual zombie vikings. Morning star practice thursday nights at Leif Erickson park anyone? I'm just super thankful PDD has a primary category for zombies. Yes, I did a google image search for "zombie viking" and got the above pic from this site


Why go toe to toe with an undead viking when you can zap away from a safe distance with one of these?


Because a board with a nail in it never runs out of batteries.


I'm starting to feel more comfortable knowing that we'll be protected from the zombie vikings by cute chimps with robotic arms....see, in the end, everything works it's self out

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