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Say hello to Dorothea and Loretta Lindquist

dorthea and loretta 004.jpg

Momma, Poppa and babies are doing great. Way to go Brandy, although I will kind of miss that huge belly you had.


yay! i can't wait to take them golfing!

YAY! Babies! More Children! And so darned cute!

Pass the congrats on to Mark for me, eh?

congrats, mark, on the twofer. it's a double shot!

Cute, cute!!! So happy for you all!

cute babies...I cant wait to play golf with them and C-Freak

Yaaaay Babies! I wish you many minutes of sleep in a row! wooo!
Are there any pdd onesies?


ohhh....beautiful girls with lovely names.

Cheers from 3019

congrats Mark, they fortunately look more like Brandy.

Beautiful babies... congratulations! :)


i dunno, Bill. i think Dorothea, if she's the one on the left in the picture, has a distinctive Lindquist rock star pause-on-stage look going on.

[insert hat joke here].


And grats, Starfire, on PDD post #3000.

these two are going to look great in tiny steelers jerseys. congrats.

Babies' butts so soft, babies' butts so soft...

They're so cute! I miss having a baby -- though I don't miss wiping butts, midnight feedings, in-laws showing up on my doorstep, and all that goes with having newborns. Congratulations!

whoot! good luck keeping my little joey away from those two...


Cute. But can they hoop?

Congrats Brandy & Mark!

Finally! More babies to round out the Upper Midwest All-Toddler Punk Band!
love, Mavis, Andy, and Lily

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