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Shameless self promotion.

I just finished this piece of jewelry, and I am pretty happy with it, so I thought this might be a good time to post a link to my Etsy site:
I think a few items there in would qualify as geeky, and if you look in my "sold items" you will see a cute pendant of Lake Superior I did for a friend. I plan to do more in the future...


Gorgeous stuff! I love the clockwork beetle!

I -love- Etsy. I had a period this fall where all I did in my freetime was surfed Etsy. It was horirble. ;-) Beautiful work. I'm going to go give it a closer look. Keep up the good work!

Very awesome work all around! I'll be hitting your store for my next birthday/solstice gifting for sure. I especially like the storytelling piece in the description of the Quintescence Phial. Do more of that, please!

Thanks for looking! Glad you like the Phial.It has been a bit troublesome-I had to take my image of it off Flicker because they said it wasn't family friendly!!

My kids and I were just saying we should do our Christmas gift shopping on etsy this year. We's be lovin' the etsy!

Linkified for your browsing pleasure.

Thanks, man! I was happy I got the picture to work!

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