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Oh, My Aching Tooth

So, I noticed you all did a great job pointing out decent doctors in Duluth. Now, how about dentists...I have a terrible tooth ache (and a terrible fear of those tricky mouth doctors) Can anyone recommend a kindly dentist in town that won't scare me too much. Extra strength tylenol and shots of whiskey aren't gonna cut it much longer...


When I lived in Duluth, I had Dr. Tim Langguth as a dentist, and he was great. He is located in the Medical Arts Bldg. Highly recommended.


My family has gone to Chester Creek Dental since about 1987, and I recommend them with enthusiasm, especially Dr. Kathy Bellamy. She's gentle, kind, smart and articulate.

check out the dentists for poor people @ lake superior health center (on 30th west, i think). i like the south african guy who always calls my daughter "dahling".

Dr. Kathy Bellamy, all the way. I have small mouth and she has little hands. I've gone to her for 14 years, she is the best. I just lover her.

I personally like kenwood dental, even though next visit I'll have to try the poor people dentists at lshc

I had a killer toothache back in March, and since I couldn't get into a dentist's office over here, I wound up at Morgan Park Dental in Duluth with Dr. Idziorek (out on 88th Ave. West). They were quick, kindly, and reasonably priced (I don't have insurance).

I had some follow-up work done at Hill Ave. Dental in Superior...they were nice enough, and they have a lot of cool new equipment, but they were a little spendier.

I have been going to Lake Superior Dental on 1st Street for years. Scott Polzin is very friendly and professional. They might be a bit pricey however.

I use Dr Gregory Kaake up on the Morris Thomas Road. Very nice, professional and interested in treating you, the person as a whole person, with a focus on your teeth. And they don't hurt.

Ditto to Kathy Bellami at Chester Creek Dental. Her husband isn't bad either, and there's Dr. Francoi who has the cutest brittish accent. But personally, I think the Dr. who looks like Heather Graham is a little "heavy" with her mirror at times...

I suffer from a fair amount of dental phobia myself. After a several year dental hiatus, I finally visited Kathy Bellamy, (a friend recommended her as the "tooth whisperer"). She's fabulous.

dr. eileen patterson in the medical arts building. very liberal with the nitrous. lindquist's baby momma goes there too.

well well! i JUST returned from the dentist but 5 minutes ago. just switched to a new fella in superior...dr. ron underdale. not only is he a nice, kind of old school dentist, but also is one of few dentists who will safely take the mercury amalgam fillings out of yer teeth and won't irradiate you much if he doesn't need to. smart fella, has a holistic approach, and is sort of grandfatherly.
i would recommend him. also: the heather graham looking woman at chester creek dental worked on me last time...very nice, but she didn't get all the decay out of my teeth before filling them and i just had to have them re-done!! can a person get a refund for that?

Pike Lake Dental is the best. Ever. Dr. Jukovich is a great guy and an even better dentist. Anyway, it's on Hwy 53 in, you know, Pike Lake just before Midway.

Thank you all for your help...it's good to hear all of these positive options/opinions regarding local dentistry. Due to the terrible nature of this ache, Urgent Care hooked me up with some nice pain pills (the nurses were really into commenting on how tooth pain is worse than childbirth) and tomorrow my uninsured self will head over to the Lake Superior Health Center bright and early. Fingers crossed.

GL Fuhs, Kiddo is "rootin" for ya!

I take it that's why you're not in school?

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