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New DIY Project

Create your own - Vanilla Ice?

Seen at the Holiday Station on Woodland.

I tried to make one, but after searching the store high & low for a half an hour or so, I couldn't find a single copy of a David Bowie album to use as a base, so I gave up and left.


Well, of course it didnt' work! They forgot the last step.

"Put contents under pressure."

Wow! That was awesome! The video - and the pun. wit like that would be welcome at our dinner table any time ironic

This is a great cover: David Bowie & Annie Lennox

I love the cigarette. And George Michael singing in the background. :)

Well, Tamara, I usually agree with your posts but in this case I have to say I don't reach.

My fourteen year old daughter has recently discovered Queen and her quote is "Freddie Mercury was a musical genius." Not sure whether she's right on that one, but in this case Annie Lennox sure doesn't measure up (and don't get me wrong, I love me some Annie Lennox!) In my opinion, this cover's got nothing going for it beyond the cigarette and George Michael mouthing the words (which doesn't count for much if you really think about it.).

Not to be a hater or anything...

Stop, collaborate and listen.

How is it that I can sense sjixxxy's posts without even having to read who posted it?

Share your powers mighty Sam Halen!

Probably because I sent you that sweet IM that said "I took a sweet Vanilla Ice photo" beofre posting this.

Just a hunch.

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