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Name that Celebrity...



Our Lord & Savior Teh Carrot Tops?

Or did someone else do some really harse steroid laced drugs?

Lindsay Lohan?

Phillis Diller/Sly Stallone/Carrot Top/ Issiac the Bartender from Love Boat ??

Sarah Jessica Parker?

Major Wanker?

queen of drag?

wow! jacko sure has gotten buff!

Pull my finger Tito!

Who put steriods in the clown food?

DCB's Starfire?

The scary clown from "It"?

Um, can I have a unicorn chaser, please?

I'm confused (and slightly scared).


Put down the tweezers, Step away from the tweezers...

Bad plastic surgery, gay and steroids. WTF?

if you rent the roger avary film "the rules of attraction" based on the bret easton ellis novel (which i contend is a good film), you will find the audio commentary is provided by carrot top. there is no reason given nor could any even be surmised for such a thing, and for my money that makes it awesome. it is for this sole reason that carrot top is ok by me.

I like the (also apropos of nothing) the John Waters commentary on the DVD of "Mommie Dearest".

Is that the celebrity fitness guru Mr. John Basedow?

eahh yeah I'm with michael jackson?


A metaphor for U.S. society... big and buff and blustery and outrageously-topped on the outside, but drugged, debt-ridden, shriveled and impotent under the surface.

Possibly the worst picture I've ever taken. Looks nothing like me. Mom says it's okay, but I need a haircut. As far as Mom is concerned, I =always= need a haircut.

Maybe I do?

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