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Monday Night Board Games

Hey-o everyone. It looks like nobody else has posted a board game night reminder yet, so I figured I might as well. Come on over to Dragon Port Games tomorrow evening for some board games. No idea what we'll play this week, it's always at the whim of circumstance. Either way, it's always fun. And you don't have to know how to play! Leave a comment if you plan on coming - I will for sure be there, and probably another friend of mine, as well!

Who: Everyone
What: Board Games
When: Monday, 6:30 pm
Where: Dragon Port Games, on 4th West between Superior & Michigan


I won't be able to come this week. I've been invited to do a critical viewing of a local film. Also, I'll be in DC next week and Minneapolis the Monday after that, so I guess I'll be gone from Monday nights for awhile. Have fun!

By the way, DragonPort is on 4th Ave West.

Ack, thanks L. I think I was pretty much losing my mind this morning ;-) Have fun in DC & MPLS!

But I will be there! WOOT!

I enjoyed meeting everyone and hate to miss again, but it's just not in the cards for me. A Ra lesson is definitely in the future, though. Have fun!

erp. Just caught up on my interwebs a bit... I didn't attend.

Tamara got sick and no one else showed up so I left around 6.50. Better luck next week!

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