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Men at work

Work continues on the McQuade Public Boat Access about five miles up the North Shore from Duluth on Wednesday.
I'm guessing that some kind of group was visiting the site.


Is that Lake Superior?

It is Lake Superior. The boat landing/safe harbor is pretty cool. It has taken awhile to complete. In fact it was open and then it closed.

Taken awhile to complete?
Say it isn't so.....with the 17 people in the picture working so hard. How long could it take?

Maybe they're all supervisors?

I thought it was supposed to block the view of the lake? Hence my earlier question.

I think you're thinking of the condominiums at the Lakewalk. McQuade's boat landing is by the Lakeview Castle.

I doubt the "workforce" can see the lake.

Judging by the hard hats and vests it tells me the individuals are the "higher ups".
I was surprised there are only two docks for a multi million dollar safe harbor. It is money well spend when it is accessible to the public.

Looks like somebody misplaced a shovel.

It looks like this is part of the state-wide bridge inspection program headed up by the lightning-fast boys at MNDOT. Docks - bridge - bridge - docks. Oh what the hell, let's close EVERYTHING!!

Reminds me of the scene in 2001 when they inspect the black monolith on the moon.

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