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May 17th @ The Venue



i'm not positive, but i think mohapt should be mohaupt.

i'll be there........

what is this fundraiser for?

what is this fundraiser for?

Where is the Karma Lounge & Deli?

it should be mohaupt.

the karma lounge and deli is actually no longer on site, change in circumstance, however the lounge & bar room - adjacent to the large ballroom - that they occupied will be used for the evening's event. the new scenic cafe is catering, carmody irish pub & last chance are providing drinks. your $10 tix gets you one fine evening of entertainment, and the opportunity to support us more...

the event is designed to help raise start up funds to put the 4th original semblesque script into live dance theatre action this fall (hopefully october) we desperately need studio space, and more...

pls check out www.semblesque.org for more info.
the about us link will tell you a bit about our last 7 years...the video documentary being made by chris marshall for the 17th will show you.

as will we, 20+ characters ... See YOU on May 17th


i should also add that there are two big parking lots under the freeway clovers, each about 1-2 blocks from The Venue. One at the bottom of the 21st West exit and the other off of Superior Street underneath the bypass probably @ 23rd Ave West. A fair share of street parking in the vicinity as well.

I almost commented when I first saw this post, but instead I shrugged my shoulders, bit my tongue, thought there's something I won't be going to despite having attended and enjoyed past performances by the group.

But after reading the article in the Budgeteer this morning, I'm a little ticked and have to comment. Jill's quoted as saying "This one has a pretty strong commentary on what we're doing to our ecology." And yet you've moved away from a central location and chosen to have the event on a night when there is no public transportation locally, and even comment about all the parking available.

It's easy to find news stories about the rising number of people using public transportation paralleling the rising price of gas. I wonder how long it will be before society starts acknowledging that times have changed and begins acting on that knowledge.

Meh. More burlesque dancers for the rest of us.

Yeah, I'm sure Jill Hill (he, he) was referring
to eco's obsession with conveniently located performance spaces.

eco eco, i'm glad you've enjoyed us in the past. i'm constantly disappointed in the dta's schedule (and in things like our state's decision that a new hockey arena takes priority over a light rail)
there is not currently a central location that can accomodate us and not cost us oooodles of money. and The Venue is a fabulous historic building that deserves to be full of art.
i've been thinking about one or two donations to make out of the funds we raise, b/c i feel it's important that we keep the cycle going, haven't decided exactly where yet, do you have any suggestions?
i hope you reconsider and perhaps bike, walk, car pool or cab pool.

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