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Law Clinic: Child Support? Custody? Parenting Time?

Hi Folks, sorry to make my very first post ever about something work related, but I just know that some of you will benefit from this so I wanted to get the word out.

Boyz II Dadz Young Fathers Program is sponsoring a family law clinic TONIGHT from 6-8 pm at the Duluth YWCA. Everyone is welcome.

A family law clinic is an opportunity for normal people in the community to talk with and hear about the family law process from people who really know how to navigate the system. Common questions are about getting or changing child support orders and other family arrangements like how to "get their kids back" or "safety concerns" while a child is with another parent. In Minnesota, Grandparents may petition for parenting time so we get a lot of questions about that, too. At this clinic we will have a district court judge, a county attorney, a child support officer and a probation special magistrate. Oh ... and me ... I'm not a legal expert but I know a thing or two about fathering and some of the challenges of co-parenting.

Free Food from Thirsty Pagan Brewery and Free Child Care provided by Hillside Community Church. The whole thing is made possible by a grant from the Ordean Foundation and our other funders, including the Northland Foundation and the Minnesota Children's Trust Fund.

Questions? I will check back here later today and try to answer them or you can call Boyz II Dadz 218.391.8330


How about information on being a Minnesota resident and dealing with the court system in Canada? This person filed for divorce in the states after the ex took the kids (Minnesota born) for a visit and isn't returning.

That does sound like a tricky one. The judge at the law clinic is Sally Tarnowski and she was a family law attorney for about 20 years before becoming a judge. She may have dealt with a case like this before. If you are asking about collecting child support, I think that is possible, too. You should come or have your "friend" come. I'd love to hear the answer to that one myself.

I gave the info to the parent of this above individual.
It isn't a child support question but an unfortunate situation for a parent to face.
I hope he attends the meeting.

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