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Homegrown Hijynx.




Chris Monroe Homegrown Comic Strip

Posted with permission from Monroe. Click on the strip for larger version.


For the records I was pushed over on the ladder and rode that thing to the ground! Yee haw....now I am sore. As far as the window...well I'm too bg to lean on windows I guess :(

For the record I was pushed over on that ladder! I rode it all the way down...so I didn't really fall off. As for the window...well I blame Harvey Wallbanger. In both cases I do want to try to make it right.

Speaking of Rich Narum, has anyone heard from him since Saturday night? The last time I laid eyes on him he was busy making all kinds of enemies.

I was invited by a friend to Homegrown from out of town and was very much impressed with the Father Hennepin set. If Narum was that photographer that was stumbling all over the stage and harassing women, he needs some serious counciling.

Homegrown was a great experience coming up from Minneapolis but that photographer, sure managed to be damn annoying. If Narum was that photographer count me in on the enemy crowd.

that's right. let's just get straight to the counciling. counseling is for the weak.

(i'm trying to envision a "counciling." something involving Stauber in fishnets, i think.)

hey MONROE... just cuz i got a ladder AND a camera DOE NOT mean that i ain't handy. trust me. i'm HANDY!!

as for making all sorts of enemies... again... whose to say that they weren't ALREADY enemies???

dudes... now sssshhhhh... i'm STILL trying to sleep...

what happened to page 1?

Chad is clumsy and fell off the ladder, for the record.

It would have been damn difficult to properly have fun last week and NOT make enemies.

I was clumsy and broke the window...I was pushed off the ladder.....jerk ;) at least I didn't throw pee.

just as slim pickins rode the bomb down in "dr.strangelove"... chad masterfully rode that ladder down to it's full conclusion... it was cork that pulled the trigger on the bomb!!

Also... I wrote up a blog entry from the HIGHNOON affair, with a bunch of funny quotes... you can catch it here...


Look for the title "If it's Homegrown then It's HIGH NOON KICKBALL!!"


I thought it was really odd that the DNT took down its link to their Homegrown blog immediately on Sunday morning. So the whole climax of Homegrown Saturday will not even be read by most DNT readers, unless they've bookmarked or memorized the link, which is highly unlikely.

too bad. actually... i was concerned about participating with the corporate stooges... and had more than one mixed feeling about putting up a blog entry there rather than here... but decided to chip in as they were "advertising" the blog... well. there you go. lesson learned.

wow...a pic of me bonging andre'.....im famous

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