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Anyone else suspicious of the legitamacy of this afternoons “Air Spectacular over Duluth”?!!


I had just been thinking that they were flexing their muscle a little bit, but now I'm really freaking out.

Just as I was reading this post, a gigantic something flew overhead. I almost ducked and covered with a 1966 Science book!

Was I the only one that left the shores of the Lake after watching the show with a strange urge to use the metric system?

It's scary to see hoi polloi so ga ga over the murderous technology of Empire.They should bomb some civilians for a more apt demonstration of their capabilities. I love a parade.

And, yes, I know these were Canucks in trainer jets, but it's all of a piece. This was a military public relations ploy, directed at Americans during a time of war. And the public eats it up. Heads up Iran!


sometimes an airshow is...just an airshow.

...its not so much that they planned on attacking us physically, everyone knows that canada couldn't stand up to the massive military superpower that is the untied skates of a miracle. no, no, no... their plan was much more devious. attacking the hearts and minds of the people of the twin ports, swaying them to consider tranplanting to the country to the north. ...damn, universal healthcare AND airshows!?! holy air semblance batman!!

A great show. The pilots and crew, along with the conuslar officers, were all gracious guests.

I'm looking forward to the main eventin July.

Hazel thought the airshow was cool - it even beat out sand-eating at the beach!

And I think she'd make a GREAT Canadian!

I imagined Duluth as a new Crimson Skies map. Chain guns on top of the Greysolon, et al!

So the military puts these shows on for no reason? They're not out to win hearts and minds? They're not out to glorify militarism , they're just entertaining the kids for entertainment's sake? Right.

i think you're gonna need a bigger spoon if you want to stir this pot.

Is there a bit of militarism involved in these events? Hell, yeah!

Is it also a display of humanity's incredible knowledge, daring, skill, and engineering ability? Hell, yeah!

Is it friggin' cool as all get-out to witness? Hell, yeah!

i spent nearly five years on an aircraft carrier watching some amazing examples of engineering and fantastic technological marvels doing what they do best...impress the hell out of me every. single. time.

It's even more amazing watching them take off and land from ten feet away.

Canada take US over? Hmm... universal health care, an evolved multi-cultural society based on tolerance, good bacon cheap pills and legalized pot.....I formally expose my soft underbelly

baci, you haven't applied for a visa yet?

Vicarious said it perfectly.

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