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hi, i want you to love me.


seriously. has this guy gone this crazy? he's put up his own website to celebrate himself and is pimping it all over the internets.

forget about osama, i'm terrified of this guy and scientology.


Plus his math skill leave much to be desired. He has a big banner up celebrating 25 years in films. But in his filmography he has Taps as one of his credits which was made in 1981. In normal human years that comes out to 27. Thank god he has all that good space karma going for him though.

oops I judged to soon. I read further and see that he was celebrating 25 years of being a big shiny star of the big screen. So he didn't start counting until Risky Business. My bad, I apologize to Tom and L. Ron. I hope this doesn't affect my next audit.

At one time, I was offered a "management position" with the Church of Scientology. Go figure, I coulda been Tom Cruise!

I just wrote a story about a press in LA (natch) reissuing comic books written by L. Ron in the '30s and '40s. They offered to send me a bunch of them. I said no thanks. Sheez, being proselytized to when all you want to do is read a goddamn comic book? Is nothing sacred?

when I was out in Seattle, I took a Scientology "IQ" test under the name of a guy I knew as a joke...for years the poor guy would get tons of paraphernalia from the church.

dirty pool...dirty pool.

Sci "IQ" test. I'm not sure I could pass.

Don't know Tom personally, but that church is obviously concerned about itself and doesn't even realize it. Emergent behavior. It has become the collective. My God, the Borg started on Earth and no one knew!!!

That is awesome. I am going to create a website celebrating my 15 years of Duluth drunkenness.

I blame all of this on Oprah.

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