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Happy Birthday, Minnesota!

Birthday-Cake-Note-Card-C11.jpgHey, Happy Birthday, Minnesota.

I know I sometimes bitch about you, especially in what you laughingly call "Spring," but I'm kinda fond of you. Some people have argued that you were born out of oppression and that your birthday isn't something to celebrate, but, hey, who doesn't have a dark past?

I've only been hanging out with you for the last 8 years after meeting you at a party about 16 years ago, but, ya know, from the start I liked you. You're kinda laid back and easy-going and you don't take yourself too seriously. That's cool.

And, not to be shallow, but you are absolutely beautiful. You've really taken care of yourself over the last 150 years and it shows, not like some states I could mention.

Anyway, I don't always say it, but you're alright in my book. Happy Birthday.


hmm...doesn't seem like as huge a deal as it was when Texas had its sesquicentennial when I was a kid...which was a grand to-do. Festivals, ceremonies, historical reenactments and everything. We had commemorative license plates, and it was the first year (I think) that the "Native" Texas License plates (you actually had to show proof of birthplace to get one) were made available.

On a side note, Wisconsin is also 150 years old.

wi actually turns 160 at the end of this month.

really? i thought they were the same age. guess my citizenship's revoked.

Happy birthday, Land of 10,000 Lakes! Ypi don't look a day over a hundred. I don't know how I missed my homeland's 150th. I think the whole Monica Lewinsky mess the same year distracted me.

Happy birthday! I cannot honestly name another place I'd rather live. It has it's give and take, but a lot more take than give.

I like the fact that MN had a quiet 150th birthday, and that many people were out on her lakes to celebrate. Seems just right. She is beautiful, but understated.

hmmm...i think Minnesota should get some native plates....after all we are above texas.....way above...and yes my refusing to capitalize texas is meant as a way to disrespect texas...moving here was the best thing you did zra....happy b day MINNESOTA!!!!!

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