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Guerilla loose on Park Point!



Dang, Bob posted this too big. This show will be great. Shep and Me is one of my favorite bands ever!

I wonder if the Duluth Photo Paparazzi Guild will be showing up at this show. I can't wait to see Sidecar Photography kick it.

yeah, well- SORRY!
i'm kinda new at this.
remember that last show,
i posted it twice!
like, super DUH!

canine heart sounds is one of the best bands in duluth in my opinion. if anyone hasn't seen them yet, please take the opportunity.

due to poopy weather,
the show has been moved to
18th ave e & 1st st.
it is the top floor of the grey house
with the exterior staircase
(take it to the top)

I stopped by the show at Chester Bowl last week, and it was sounding great. what was the band with the two drummers? I think it was the second to last set?

Jamie: I think you're talking about Daughters of the Sun. They were great.

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