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I noticed this on the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I enjoy reading example after example of bad punctuation, and it's nice to see my hometown represented.


They're not sure if it's actually pizza?

I've always had a real sore spot for ridiculous use of the quotation mark, but I'm going to come to the Afterburner's defense here. They're quoting their menu.

Do we prefer:

A) Roger is my name.
B) "Roger" is my name.

Let the flame wars commence.

While not particularly clear or elegant, I think they're saying the menu consists of one word: "pizza", in which case the use of quotation marks isn't necessarily incorrect.

As someone who gets corrected all the time by editors, I get it's easy to screw up grammar. However, I think the restaurant crew was not quoting the menu as Roger generously suggested, but instead was trying to add emphasis - not the job of this punctuation mark.

Those of you who love this stuff should check out the site and podcast of Grammar Girl. Maybe Ironic could give it the coveted Geek Seal of Approval.

Where is the Aferburner Lounge? I was once at the Afterburner Lounge, but never saw pizza on the menu.

The Afterburner is the lounge at the Duluth International Airport.

I am well aware of the location of the Afterburner Lounge.
It was the Welcome to the AFERburner Lounge on the dry erase board I was curious about. I find incorrect spelling of ones venue more noticeable than any punctuation.
Maybe, it is just me.

Good eye, reddomain. I didn't see that. To tell you the truth, I was probably distracted by "It's Fabulous!!" which I find funny for some reason.

Can't believe I missed "Aferburner," feeling all smart about my analysis of the quotation marks. Goes to show you.

This really makes me want to go through the trouble of having those "Whose You're Daddy?" t-shirts printed...

I hope I'm not just reiterating what Roger said, but is it possible that the only that the only food they serve is pizza? As in:

"Hey, can I see a menu?"
"Our menus say 'pizza.' Nine or 12 inches?"

As video killed the radio star, so does the "net" (quotations used correctly here) kill the written language.

I ate at the Afterburner once or twice. It was pretty sad pickings. I bring my own food to the airport now. But since the Skyline Shuttle launched, I fly out of the Cities a lot more, and have to admit a fondness for TGIF on Concourse C.

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