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From the Photo Archive | May 1, 1998


Before there was a Homegrown Music Festival, we had these little Beltane bonfires on Wisconsin Point every year. It worked well the first time we did it, in maybe 1995, but every year after that it was freezing cold.


I didn't think it was a big deal that it was so cold, because there was a fire, after all. But since it was too cold for skinny dipping, each year fewer and fewer people saw a point in hanging out at the beach on May 1, even though large amounts of mead and fire were involved.


I had met the mysterious DJ Starfire by this time, but I didn't know he would be having a 30th birthday party in a few days that would be the precursor to a music festival that would nail the coffin shut on my annual bonfire tradition. I think only about 12 people showed up in 1998 anyway.


As fate would have it, it's quite cold and windy today. I think a Homegrown Hempen Ale at the Burrito Union will be a suitable tradeoff to a naked leap into Lake Superior tonight. Or maybe I'll do both. What does a cab ride to Wisconsin Point cost, $60?


i, for one, remember fondly passing bottles in the sandy cold. and i do have to thank you, paul, as it was at one of these in the mid-90's you gave me the mannequin you had been using as a milepost. i call her lynda and she has been with me ever since.

It that me? I don't remember who those other people are, must have been having fun though...

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