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From the Audio Archive | 1980


I distinctly remember my brother bringing this record home from a party in the early 80s. I was probably 8 years old, and completely infatuated with the idea that my very own brother knew someone who had recorded an actual record. I'm not sure which person in the band he knew -- B. Herrick or Tom Donnohue, or someone else. I never met the guy, but the record stayed in the family collection.

A few years later I met Paul Lundgren and one day when I was visiting his house, I noticed that he too had a copy of "Lonely" by Thrust, via his own brother who was friends with Tom Donnohue. I probably thought that mean that Thrust was really something at the time, but honestly I have no idea how popular they were.

Do any of you 40- or 50-somethings remember rocking out to Thrust at Charlie's Club in the early 1980s?

Download "Lonely" by Thrust [2.5Mb mp3 -- WARNING! This recording sounds like complete crap.]

I would have also included the flip side, "Children of the Sun," but unfortunately it was completely unplayable.


I'm not 100% positive (because when you get this old, your memory starts to fail), but I think the bass player is still around doing coverband gigs. I'm also not sure, but I vaguely recall that CMS was somehow a Tracy Lundeen enterprise. I could be wrong on both counts as I have deliberately tried to block out the Reagan years.

Too bad about the B-side. Was it a cover of the Billy Thorpe song?

No, both of these songs were Thrust originals. "Lonely" was written by Herrick and Donnohue, and "Children of the Sun" was written by Herrick.

No, I don't. Do you have any Hostage or Jack B Nimble singles?

Quoted from an e-mail by Tracy Lundeen:

I was their booking agent for quite a while……….They did a lot of high schools. Quite honestly I don’t remember them playing much at Charlies Club but again, it was a long time ago.

Bill Herrick as the guitar player songwriter, singer……He actually played in a band of mine right after Thrust called “Tracy Allen and the Fabulous Swingset” (great name). Very popular band at bars around town in the mid 80’s.

T. A. Lundeen

I didn't know for sure if they ever played Charlie's. I just had to assume, since they had West Duluth connections.

I was a backup drummer for Thrust in the late seventies and also ran sound for the band through that era. Hope all are well and doing fine.

By the way Bob Coldwell was the bass player and the last time I saw Bob was about a year ago. Bob is still living in Duluth. Many fun times including quite a few road trips wow am I lucky to be alive.

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