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Doing The Fishstick

Below is a video of me doing the Fishstick. For those new to this latest dance craze, here is a description:

1. Beginners should perform the Fishstick to the tune “Tighten Up” by Archie Bell & the Drells. “For presentation and learning purposes, you would want [’Tighten Up’] going.” -Adam Lisagor

2. The Fishstick should be subtle. “Unless you’re really staring at someone doing the Fishstick, you wouldn’t know that they were dancing.”-Scott Simpson; “…the Fishstick is mostly happening in your head.”-Merlin Mann

3. Performances may look like minor neurological disorders. To an untrained observer, “it might look like somebody was thinking about something…maybe trying to remember something, or that they’re having a very slight palsy.” -Merlin Mann

4. While generally done as a solo dance, the Fishstick can be performed “alone, with a study partner, or while […] waiting for something to finish cooking.” -Merlin Mann

Another way of describing the Fishstick, is "facial kegels".


i have that album on vinyl so i'll be doing the fishstick in my manhole tonight.

Are birds optional?

Birds are optional, and not recommended for the beginner. Great concentration is required... doing the Fishstick while under bird attack should be left to the pros.

c freak you're the best!

Coincidentally MPR played this song on Morning Edition this morning as their "outro" music before 9. They didn't mention the "fishstick" though.

I wasn't familiar with this song or this dance before this week. Life is weird.

This is the podcast episode that started this up-and-coming fad. http://youlooknicetoday.com/episode/sacksminnelli-disease

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