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Did You Make Your Map? Plan Your Plan?

Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008 Photo by Richard Narum
Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008

so... you've read the field guide... but did you READ the field guide? have you made your map? well... cork did. and i helped. so here they are... the 2008 version of "the map"... yes yes... it's actually a spreadsheet... but were calling it a map... cuz we've laid it out from east to west... and included some distances to the popular spots on superior street... the distances listed are in yards... you can kinda think of it in terms of elementary school... instead of the 100 yard dash... it's the 164 yard dash, or similar. you get the picture.

note about the note... it'll take you about 15 minutes to walk from the brewhouse the RT's. if you are going to head up to first street... well... it'll take longer. keep that in mind when you head out... or you'll end up missing your favorite band. don't like to walk? ride the trolley. the route map is printed in the field guide... and it's free... but really... you probably need the exercise anyway... so why not dash?

here you go...
* microsoft excel version of the schedule
* friday night pdf version of the schedule
* saturday night pdf version of the schedule

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