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Comic school of art courtesy of former suck.com

For those of you that can draw and like a chuckle...

PART ONE: Basic Laws of Comic Drawing

* Crooked lines are funnier than straight lines.
* Dotted lines are funnier than solid lines.
* Light colors are funnier than dark colors.
* Flat is funnier than perspective.
* Ugly is funnier than cute.
* Top-heavy objects are funnier than bottom-heavy ones.
* Really big is funnier than really small.
* Small kitchen appliances are funnier than furniture. Always include either a blender or, better yet, a toaster in every kitchen setting.

Suck School of Comic Art
Suck School of Comic Art: Graduate Course

I'm happy they archived this e-mag. Check out the old "Filler" comics if you have a bunch of free time and are feeling a little bit of angst.


I used to love Suck. A goodly portion of them are now at Reason

toaster? Now you tell me.

Yeah, I was just saying to myself the other day, "You know what would make Violet Days really funny? Toasters. There aren't enough damn toasters."

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