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Haven't been to the pancake feed coming up Thursday at the DECC (6am-8pm) for a few years. Anyone know when is the best time to see the local news celebrities who volunteer there? I want to maximize my chances of getting served a cup o' joe by Babs Reyelts in a short red mini.


Once I was at the airport, boarding a plane with Babs REyelts, whose mini skirt barely covered her ass. Wow. If you got it, flaunt it. I actually think she's so cool for showing her stuff.

I used to occasionally be a volunteer coffee server at Pancake Day. All the little old ladies would decline my coffee and tell me they were waiting for George Kessler to come by.

In amazing GK news, he is now the sole evening weather anchor for both KBJR and KDLH! Way to go, George!

In other news, Babs, it is never cool to flaunt it.

And in the latest news, I'll be at the pancake breakfast with my fellow co-workers but just not sure when.

My coworkers and I will be heading down there around 11am to get fattened. This will be my first ever (i know, i disappoint even myself). But I'm excited.


all's i gotsta say.

i'm an avowed cake aficionado. unfortunately, people need their coffee more than i need a stack, and since i can't be in two places at once...


anybody got a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor I can borrow?

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