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Black and Tan? Goodness!


I think the Burrito Union is possibly one of a very few places in the universe where if you order a black and tan they'll ask you which version you want.

A couple of months ago, Mark (day manager) and I concocted the first...that being the Stuck Boat made with Superior Trail IPA and Tugboat. It caught on, and soon the entire kitchen staff was drinking them.

A week or so ago, Andrea created the second version...the Starship, using Starfire 40 and Tugboat.

This afternoon, I tested the third...this time concocted by Patrick, using Hair O' The Monk and...Tugboat...aptly dubbed the Black Monk.

We tried a version using Lighthouse and TBoat (Boathouse), but it wouldn't float.

Nonetheless, three versions of a perennial fave isn't bad.



A black monk sounds lovely, but I miss the chili-beer.....*sniff*

I MUST have one! The Stuck Tugboat sounds splendid! Makes me think of some good times on the other side of the pond.

"We tried a version using Lighthouse and TBoat (Boathouse), but it wouldn't float."

wait...did I say that?

is scooping your own pun a bad thing?

can I get a "Booooo!"?

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