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A couple weeks ago, a real head-turner drove by me on the road. It was a smart car, one of those unbelievably little cars I've seen only in movies, like, in "The Bourne Identity" or something. I wished I had my camera.
Then today, there it was again. And I had my camera. (No people were harmed in the taking of this photograph, snapped as I entered the highway on-ramp.)
"Is it the same car?" I wondered. "Of course," I thought, "How could there be more than one in Duluth? Do they sell those in the U.S.? Is it street-legal here? How much do they cost? What's the gas mileage?"
These questions and more are answered on the FAQs page of the smart car website.

(They have been available in the U.S. since January. They are sold in Bloomington, Minn. Street-legal, yes. From $12,000 to $17,000. Gas mileage 40/45. The FAQs also include "How does [it] perform in the snow?" I'm skeptical, but at least if you get stuck, you could push it out of the ditch by yourself.)


Saw one scooting through Lakeville, south of the cities, on my drive to work. http://www.startribune.com/local/south/18562429.html

Your crash test.

They are testing electric Smarts. Latest iteration will have Li-ion batteries. I would strongly consider one of those if they came to the US.


yeah...if you got stuck you could pick it up and carry it.
no doubt, they are cool...i dunno if they're cooler than say...a Mini, but they're cool nonetheless...though I'll be happy when they introduce a more 'practical' variant...one with 4 doors and trunk space. If that happens, I might have to look into one.

My friend saw one of these at a festival last fall (we had seen them in Germany) and he sat in it then proceeded to tell me the next day that I should get one once they started selling them - that they're cooler than they look. I said no way. But they definitely are interesting.

Did you ever think if they were a little smarter, they'd be a little bigger? ;)

I've got one, but that's not me. You'll see me roaming around in a red one. As far as I know there's this black one, a blue one, and my red one in town.

Surprisingly roomy really.

I Wuv the Smart Car. On their European website they used to sell a Smart4Four and a Roadster. Looks like they no longer offer them.


I saw the black one and it really caught my attention.

I think it is a really good innovation, not practical for everyone in every situation, but most of the time when I'm driving it's just me on some errand, etc.

Also cool? I saw an early 90s Geo Metro rolling down i-35 the other day. According to my memory banks they get like 50 mpg. Spare me the "problems" of the metro, 3 cylinder, crash tests and all, but ... hey ... 50 mpg (and a backseat)

The blue one belongs to John Goldfine. Pretty cool that 'business guy' wants to join the less gas crowd. Symbolic if nothing else.

I owned a 93 Geo Metro from 1993-2003 and it had 220,000 miles on it at the end. At its best it got 53 mpg and no worse than 47 mpg. I loved that car but it wasn't really practical for my growing family and Duluth winters. It was really difficult to get up Lake Avenue in the winter at times.

Still, a good car and I have fond memories of Zuzu the Zenmobile.

I saw one the other day, while driving home from Iowa city. I want one, I hate driving big cars, I like scooting around in little cars -- little cars for little people. Beep beep. I think that's going to be my next car.

I think this is what Steve Martin was driving in the Pink Panther. I would totaly get one if we didn't have winter here. I can't imagine 21st ave East being conquored the same as in my jeep in the spring snowstorms.

I would think you could get around in the winter by replacing the factory "all season" tires with a really good snow tire- like a Nokia. I've seen many a Jeep unable to get up the hill due to crappy tires.

I saw the red one at the Federal Building the other day. Bounced right up the steps and through the front door. I'm assuming it fit through the security gate.

Urkel from "Family Matters" drove one, too!

Here's some testing of the Smart ED (Electric Drive)


Good stuff.


Smart car beats a Ferarri!


Best commercial ever!


Smart VS. Hummer: (furniture shopping)


I can't believe they only get 45 mph. I would've guessed they got more than that.

I think it's 40-45 miles per gallon. I'll bet those little toot-toots can zip along pretty quickly.

I am so glad somebody posted the motorcycle engine mod video. That is my new dream toy. Yes, there are smarts all over the place here. (In Bloomington, MN.) I guess it makes sense now if they are sold here!

That's interesting someone said John Goldfine drives a smart car - and I know his kid (at least used to) drives a hummer. not sure if he still does or not.

That's interesting someone said John Goldfine drives a smart car - and I know his kid (at least used to) drives a hummer. not sure if he still does or not.

Mark that as the first time ever than John Goldfine has done something positive...

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