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For Your Amusement and Disgust

Actual local Craigslist ad, posted under "Customer Service". I haven't posted on PDD for awhile, so here's something disturbing! Enjoy!

"ASK FOR IAN Single w male 5'10 medium build wears mostly black clothes into pretty much anything, except i cry when i hear a banjo playing. Anything involving animals is cool as long as there not dead or die during activity..i like playing guess the fruit with my ass, and i have this weird rodeo clown and bull fantasy i want to try out."



check this one out:
Organic Non-Functional Lawnmower

It's like I want to comment on the post, but just can't form words..."gah" will have to suffice here.

This guy has big wood that he wants to share with you: http://duluth.craigslist.org/zip/671035782.html

pineapple is always the easiest fruit to guess.

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