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5.29 • $27 • 7:30PM



Cmon' What is this? Why can't we get some Rock and Roll or some big name artists??? Mainstream people want to hear some artists that rock. Why can't we book the acts that play the cities?

$27 dollars???? Yikes!


perhaps you should confront Craig Samborski or someone at the DECC about booking artists that "rock." You're barking up the wrong tree with this bunch.

Your comments pretty much explain why it is hard to book "artists that rock" in Duluth.

Its is very hard to sell tickets to anything in this town and promoters are not in the business to lose money on every show. Major bands cost major dollars and anything less than a sell out loses money in smaller markets.

People in this town have complained for years about the lack of good shows but have consistently failed to support the majority of them by buying tickets.

What bands would you like to see and what would you pay?

first off, i saw this guy a few years back and it was a terrific show. $27 does seem a little steep, but, hey, things are tough all over.
one thing is certain, though. bitching about the acts that do visit this fair burg rather than...for example, going out and enjoying a show, does not cultivate a market nor an environment worth "rocking". sadly, there is commerce to consider.

Mainstream people want to hear some artists that rock. They would also like to meet up at Applebee's after the show for Nachos Nuevos.

$27 bucks will get you a seat behind a pillar in the nosebleed section at the Target center.

Could get into a few of the many, more technical reasons why there aren't more "artists that rock" coming to Duluth...but that'd just confuse you and obfuscate the whole thread. In essence, it's mostly about numbers, and money...then there are contracts with non compete clauses.

Wilco rocks, Craig. Didn't you get out to see them last year?

What about Dokken? I think that in the mid to late 80's they were the DECC's artists in residence.

i've been known to balk at prices for concerts over $20. however.... this guy (that 1 guy) is the only guy i've seen (twice) that can make a whole room of musicians drop their jaws in puzzlement/awe/fascination. a rare thing. totally worth it and completely unique.

Matt, Dokken never played the DECC during the 1980's, maybe I'm wrong though. Please make your slam of 80's metal accurate. For example, Motley Crue played at least three times. Opening once for Ozzy and two headlining tours. Kiss also played multiple times.

And say what you want about the hair metal 80's, but at least those bands toured every freaking shed out there.

A c t u a l l y . . . Dokken did play at "The Duluth Arena" multiple times during the beloved 80's.

This is the only find produced by my time-limited search.

March 13, 1985
Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth Arena & Auditorium
Opening Act: Dokken
Attendance: 4,795 Capacity: 8,000
Promoter: Stargate Productions

I stand corrected. I was obviously was not rockin' with Dokken. Does anyone remember if they headlined a tour here?

Can't we all just get along???
I personally like some of the off the beaten path indie stuff that's out there. I clicked on the youtube video of That 1 Guy posted earlier, and he does seem like an amazing and unique talent. I also like some stuff that would be considered mainstream. Music that "gasp" you could even find on the front page of Itunes.
What I can't stand is the sniping between the two groups who place themselves firmly in one camp or the other. You have mainstream music people who close their minds to anything they don't hear on their favorite radio station. And then you have the indie hipsters who look down their imperious noses at anyone who listens to bands that have sold more than 100 CDs.
I'm not sure which group of people annoy me more. So just to piss off both groups , I'll go out to eat at Applebees's and then head to the That 1 guy show at Zuccone.

i've spent more than 27$ at a bar more often than i would like to admit, NOT bringing much home with me but a headache and a tired day to follow. i've heard this guy is amazing! so what really is the fuss? one night, one experience, something tells me this will be worth it. cheers!

having to endure endless and asinine "why won't somebody book Aerosmith (et al) and quit talking about musicians nobody knows about" from whiners who don't know any better gets a little old, ya know?

I'm with you Chris. Arguing about something as subjective as musical taste is a fool's game, and one's choice of music is nothing to get inflated over.

I'll join you for Applebee's and the show Chris.

quit the tomfoolery and go to this show!!! backing up what hbh says, you will not regret spending that $27. were we not in the delicious redwoods of CA right now, we'd be there will bells strung from every orafice.

Just want to throw out another word of praise for That 1 Guy. I'm no scenester to be sure, but I caught his gig almost by accident at the Nor Shor some years back, and liked him so much I bought his CD. He's worth the price for uniqueness and creativity alone.

So now that folks have had a chance to posture...I'm just curious...how many folks actually went to the show?

Not enough but those of us that were there were treated to something very very cool.

I remain impressed by how excited my colleagues were for the Poison show 7 or 8 years ago. I thought it was just funny that Poison was still alive, let alone coming to Duluth, but they were way into it.

Dokken?!?! It was the 'Mats all the way in the 80s.

Wow. In one comment PDD manages to peg the "Usefully Ironic" meter. I really can't think of another person (at least based on years of "Woe's me, my past, and my high schoolery... woe!" posts, comments, anecdotes, and so forth) that CAN NOT give anyone else shit about where they eat. Just because you've errantly concluded your overall relevancy - year after year - doesn't mean you actually have anything to say... let alone presume anything about anyone else.

Just get back to convincing yourself and everyone else how awesome high school, Weird Al, Van Halen... etc. were/are and quit confusing whatever you think is clever for what might actually be clever.

Also... whatever desire I (one simple ticket buyer) was wiped out by this Uber-billy nonsense. It is crap exactly like this why I don't spend $27 - $50 on stuff. You're all like an anti-Midas.

What's ironic is that you presume to believe that the posters here take themselves seriously. what's Usefully Ironic is that you also presume to lead the rest of us to believe that you have never engaged in any sort of debate at any point in your life...thus in effect, you attempt to place yourself above everyone else here.

also ironic: your inability to grasp the irony that everyone, regardless of upbringing, experience or preference, feels that their chosen genre of whatever they choose to classify as quality music will argue to the death the multiplicities of their opinions.

we may be anti-Midas, but you sir are a wet blanket.

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