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May 31, 2008

Seen at Cub


Monday on CBS

NeilPatrickHarris.JPG CharlieSheen.JPG DavidSpade.JPG

7:30 p.m. >> Neil Patrick Harris stars as Barney Stinson, a single man with a surprising ability to get laid by gorgeous younger women, in How I Met Your Mother.

8:00 p.m. >> Charlie Sheen stars as Charlie Harper, a single man with a surprising ability to get laid by gorgeous younger women, in Two and a Half Men.

8:30 p.m. >> David Spade stars as Russell, a single man with a surprising ability to get laid by gorgeous younger women, in Rules of Engagement.

May 30, 2008




TONIGHT: Chicken in the Hat Plays

Hello Rubber Chicken Supporters!

Our next project is coming up next weekend up in Proctor. It's The Chicken Hat Plays! If you remember the Out of the Hat Plays we did at Renegade, this is the same concept, just a different name.

8 writers, 8 directors, and a bunch of actors get together and create 8 original one act plays in 24 hours. That's right. From Thursday to Friday night, we write, rehearse and perform 8 completely original plays. Then we get the Friday night audience involved and we do the entire process over again with 8 BRAND NEW plays for Saturday.

I hope you will consider coming up and checking it out. It is a lot of fun and always amazing to see all the different shows these talented artists create from scratch!

the SuperTacks @ The Fine Line

For those Twin Cities dwellers looking for something to do next Wednesday June 4th, come down to the Fine Line in Minneapolis and check out the SuperTacks at 10:30. You can print free tickets here:
http://www.finelinemusic.com/calendar/view_entry.php?id=330&date=20080604 or tell them you are there to see us at the door and they should let you in for free.

May 29, 2008

BOTH - The Thing I Could Not Know

Your Geek Culture Update: The Wedding Edition

starwarswedding.jpgWe are quickly moving into the wedding season and I stumbled on this recent article about this Star Wars themed wedding with all of the bridal party in full Star Wars regalia. It was even originally scheduled to be on May the Fourth. This alone made it worthy of my Geek King Seal of Approval.

The article made me wonder how wide spread this costumed, geek-themed wedding thing went which led me to the video below.

geekkingSOP.jpgSo, did you have or are you planning a geeky wedding? Have you attended a geeky wedding recently? I have to say that in 15 years of doing weddings I've never had anything remotely close to any of these, though I have considered studying up on medieval wedding customs and offering to do weddings at the Ren Faire and things like that as Friar Lawrence because with my hair who knows if I'm tonsured or not?

As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

May 28, 2008

Science has finally gone to far!

I've tried to stay out of the whole zombie mess up to this point. I'm mildly ruffled at the thought of having people I dont even really know tell me that now they've eaten my soul with some kind of web app like "ur my zombie" on facebook. But now, the possibility of resurrecting undead vikings has caused me to take a more serious look at potential zombie attack. I know this has been discussed here at length but it didn't involve real, actual zombie vikings. Morning star practice thursday nights at Leif Erickson park anyone? I'm just super thankful PDD has a primary category for zombies. Yes, I did a google image search for "zombie viking" and got the above pic from this site

Doing The Fishstick

Below is a video of me doing the Fishstick. For those new to this latest dance craze, here is a description:

1. Beginners should perform the Fishstick to the tune “Tighten Up” by Archie Bell & the Drells. “For presentation and learning purposes, you would want [’Tighten Up’] going.” -Adam Lisagor

2. The Fishstick should be subtle. “Unless you’re really staring at someone doing the Fishstick, you wouldn’t know that they were dancing.”-Scott Simpson; “…the Fishstick is mostly happening in your head.”-Merlin Mann

3. Performances may look like minor neurological disorders. To an untrained observer, “it might look like somebody was thinking about something…maybe trying to remember something, or that they’re having a very slight palsy.” -Merlin Mann

4. While generally done as a solo dance, the Fishstick can be performed “alone, with a study partner, or while […] waiting for something to finish cooking.” -Merlin Mann

Another way of describing the Fishstick, is "facial kegels".

takin the train

I'm thinking of taking a train trip out to portland in july to spend a month out there. it's only 200 bucks with a student advantage card. on the plus side, i can take three checked bags and my bike which means i can bring camping stuff and clothes. on the down side, it's a 36 hour trip.

i know amtrak seats are pretty comfy but i've only taken a 5 hr trip on one. not sure how sleeping in those seats for two nights is going to feel (board at 11pm and arrive at 10am).

has anyone taken the amtrak from the twin/cites (or chicago) out to portland/seattle? what did you think? did you take a bike with? is it worth it to spend an extra $100 (or more) to take a plane and ship my bike?




The Golden Age of Sail Meets the World's Largest Lake

August 1-3, 2008 (Friday- Sunday)

Duluth welcomes the Pride of Baltimore II, U.S. Brig Niagra and The Schooner Madeline

Tall Ship Tours
10am-6pm Daily

Informative lectures will be held shipside.
Live music each day from 12pm-6pm.
Complimentary admission to the Maritime Expo in Paulucci Hall.

Know it.


Dylan DeSanto Benefit Tonight


Wednesday, May 28 | 4-11 p.m.
Mr. D's Bar & Grill

Spaghetti dinner with live and silent auctions to benefit Dylan Dustin DeSanto's battle against brain cancer. More details here.

May 27, 2008

5.29 • $27 • 7:30PM


What is the sound of 13 women singing?

Kathy and Katrina 2.jpg

Sing! A Women's Chorus
Spring Recital
Wed., May 28
Woodland Middle School, rm 107

Not your traditional chorus, and not merely a sing-along. This group sings some interesting music and can really sing out. No Lutheran hymn-mumbling involved.

Check out our free concert to listen to some rounds, songs from Ghana, and original compositions.

hi, i want you to love me.


seriously. has this guy gone this crazy? he's put up his own website to celebrate himself and is pimping it all over the internets.

forget about osama, i'm terrified of this guy and scientology.

That 1 Guy this Thursday

I first saw That 1 Guy perform out in Portland six years ago and he blew me away. He's a one man band like you've never seen before. He utilizes tape loops and seussian homemade instruments in concert to produce an amazing barrage of music.

He'll be in town on Thursday for a 7:30 show at Teatro Zuccone for one show. Since it will probably be years before he finds his way back to Duluth, go see him.

May 25, 2008

2008 Memorial Day Bocce Champs


May 24, 2008

New DIY Project

Create your own - Vanilla Ice?

Seen at the Holiday Station on Woodland.

I tried to make one, but after searching the store high & low for a half an hour or so, I couldn't find a single copy of a David Bowie album to use as a base, so I gave up and left.

May 23, 2008

Summer Reading


As many people can attest to, one of the greatest days one can have in Duluth is sitting inside on a rainy day with a good book. I am a big music fan and an avid reader so those are good days for me. I have found a series of books that I fee many people on here will enjoy. This series is kind of a "listening manual" to some of the greatest albums ever made. There are about 40 in the series so there will be something for everybody. I am in the middle of Radioheads OK Computer installment and am loving it. You will either have to order them online or have Barnes and Noble order them for you because they don't stock them. I hope you check them out because I think you will enjoy them!

Black and Tan? Goodness!


I think the Burrito Union is possibly one of a very few places in the universe where if you order a black and tan they'll ask you which version you want.

A couple of months ago, Mark (day manager) and I concocted the first...that being the Stuck Boat made with Superior Trail IPA and Tugboat. It caught on, and soon the entire kitchen staff was drinking them.

A week or so ago, Andrea created the second version...the Starship, using Starfire 40 and Tugboat.

This afternoon, I tested the third...this time concocted by Patrick, using Hair O' The Monk and...Tugboat...aptly dubbed the Black Monk.

We tried a version using Lighthouse and TBoat (Boathouse), but it wouldn't float.

Nonetheless, three versions of a perennial fave isn't bad.


Twin Ports Outdoor Movies

The schedule is up for real this time and here is what is playing at Leif Erikson Park this summer (as of today):

June 13 Shrek the Third (PG)

June 20 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (PG)

June 27 Ghostbusters (PG)

July 4 No Movie

July 11 Back to the Future (PG)

July 18 Babe (G)

July 25 The Mask of Zorro (PG-13)

August 1 Big (PG)

August 8 Young Frankenstein (PG)

August 15 Transformers (PG-13)

August 22 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG)

August 29 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (PG-13)

I'm thinking for outdoor movie fun Ghostbusters and Young Frankenstein are at the top of my list. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Two Towery goodness, but I find that the outdoor experience is better suited to the goofy rather than the epic.

Name that Celebrity...


May 22, 2008

Shameless self promotion.

I just finished this piece of jewelry, and I am pretty happy with it, so I thought this might be a good time to post a link to my Etsy site:
I think a few items there in would qualify as geeky, and if you look in my "sold items" you will see a cute pendant of Lake Superior I did for a friend. I plan to do more in the future...

3rd Annual Free Block Party



Vote for the band that you'd most like to see play at Fond-du-Luth Casino's 3rd Annual Free Block Party on Thursday, September 4th.

Law Clinic: Child Support? Custody? Parenting Time?

Hi Folks, sorry to make my very first post ever about something work related, but I just know that some of you will benefit from this so I wanted to get the word out.

Boyz II Dadz Young Fathers Program is sponsoring a family law clinic TONIGHT from 6-8 pm at the Duluth YWCA. Everyone is welcome.

A family law clinic is an opportunity for normal people in the community to talk with and hear about the family law process from people who really know how to navigate the system. Common questions are about getting or changing child support orders and other family arrangements like how to "get their kids back" or "safety concerns" while a child is with another parent. In Minnesota, Grandparents may petition for parenting time so we get a lot of questions about that, too. At this clinic we will have a district court judge, a county attorney, a child support officer and a probation special magistrate. Oh ... and me ... I'm not a legal expert but I know a thing or two about fathering and some of the challenges of co-parenting.

Free Food from Thirsty Pagan Brewery and Free Child Care provided by Hillside Community Church. The whole thing is made possible by a grant from the Ordean Foundation and our other funders, including the Northland Foundation and the Minnesota Children's Trust Fund.

Questions? I will check back here later today and try to answer them or you can call Boyz II Dadz 218.391.8330

May 21, 2008

Enthralled Spectators

Participation in the arts was a much a part of the citizen's activities as service on the council or in the law courts, with their six thousand judges. Each spring festival brought a contest between tragic dramatists: this called for twelve new plays annually, with the participation of one hundred and eight choral singers and dancers; while each contest in comedies demanded sixteen new plays yearly and a hundred and forty-four choral singers and dancers. In the hundred years of the Empire, Ferguson tells us, two thousand plays of picked quality were written and staged in Athens, while six thousand new musical compositions were created and presented.

These esthetic activities demanded participation on an even greater scale than in the mystery pageants and miracle plays of the Middle Ages: every year something like two thousand Athenians, it has been estimated, had to memorize the words and practice the music and dance figures of a lyric or a dramatic chorus. This was an intellectual discipline as well as an esthetic experience of the highest order; and as an incidental result no small part of the audience consisted of ex-performers, expert judges and critics as well as enthralled spectators.

—Lewis Mumford, The City in History

Say hello to Dorothea and Loretta Lindquist

dorthea and loretta 004.jpg

Momma, Poppa and babies are doing great. Way to go Brandy, although I will kind of miss that huge belly you had.

tofu & bombs

From The City Pages:

What they were looking for, Carroll says, was an informant—someone to show up at “vegan potlucks” throughout the Twin Cities and rub shoulders with RNC protestors, schmoozing his way into their inner circles, then reporting back to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a partnership between multiple federal agencies and state and local law enforcement. The effort’s primary mission, according to the Minneapolis division’s website, is to “investigate terrorist acts carried out by groups or organizations which fall within the definition of terrorist groups as set forth in the current United States Attorney General Guidelines.”

Here's the full article.

cars & trucks + manheat... live!


Your Geek Culture Update

geekkingSOP.jpgA few Star Trek related items this week caught my eye to receive the Geek King Seal of Approval.

ygcu_sulu.jpgMr. Sulu to wed! George Takei announced on his website that, now that California has lifted the ban on same-sex marriage, he will marry his long-time partner, Brad Altman. "We've shared the good times as well as struggled through the bad," Takei writes. "Now, we can have the dignity, as well as all the responsibilities, of marriage." Congratulations!

ygcu_crusher.jpgWesley Crusher disses Trek! Wil Wheaton, self described geek, tells it like it is when writing about the upcoming JJ Abrams reinvention of Trek:

"I'm going to commit heresy right now and say what few people are willing to say out loud: most of the Star Trek movies are absolute garbage. There have been ten Trek movies, and I'd say that two of them are accessible to mainstream audiences, another two are great, and the remaining six are nearly unwatchable. If JJ Abrams wants to make his new Trek movie unlike the 80% of Trek movies that aren't that good, that's just fine with me. Not that my opinion means anything, you understand, but rambling on and on about things like this is the price of being a geek, and I regret nothing. NOTHING!"

Ah yes... regret nothing, young Mr. Crusher. Remember, your first duty is to the truth! For your sheer honesty (and that little rant at the end) you receive my Seal of Approval.

As a bonus Wil Wheaton also pokes his head into the political ring with this send up of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party's Psycho Ex-Girlfriend:

DEMS: ...Hello?

Hillary: Hey baby.

DEMS: C'mon Hillary. Enough with this.

Hillary: Don't you get it? You NEED me.

DEMS: No, I don't. It was fun while it lasted but I'm with Barack now. I made my choice, it's done.

Hillary: You can't really mean that. How can you say that after all the good times we had?

DEMS: To be honest, I started hanging out with you because Bill's pretty awesome.

Hillary: But I'm just like Bill!

DEMS: No, you're not. Bill is charismatic, inspiring, and gets me really good weed.

Hillary: Fuck you. You're elitist!

DEMS: I'm going back to sleep.

Writing from a hotel in Washington DC while my children sleep, this is your Geek King, and that's your Geek Culture Update. As always, please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

May 20, 2008

flying circus

Kinda NSFW...

The Main Club

main postcard documentary web.JPG
Julie Casper Roth has been filming an awesome documentary about the history of The Main Club and it's owner Bob Jansen. This is a fundraiser for production costs.

May 19, 2008

Coleman Randolph Hawkins

November 21, 1904–May 19, 1969
AKA -- "Hawk" and sometimes "Bean"

May 18, 2008

Oh, My Aching Tooth

So, I noticed you all did a great job pointing out decent doctors in Duluth. Now, how about dentists...I have a terrible tooth ache (and a terrible fear of those tricky mouth doctors) Can anyone recommend a kindly dentist in town that won't scare me too much. Extra strength tylenol and shots of whiskey aren't gonna cut it much longer...

May 17, 2008

Chester Park Home For Sale

1002 N. 13th Ave. E.


This sunny, classic 1916 Arts & Crafts style home has been lovingly maintained on the inside and freshly painted on the outside by some of Duluth’s finest musicians--including a mayoral sibling! (Take that, GFNC!)

The Specs:

• 1,200 sq. ft.

• 3 Bedrooms

• 1 Bathroom (with original claw-foot porcelain tub)

• 120 sq. ft. 3-Season Porch

• Bird's-Eye Maple Hardwood Floors

• Oak Woodwork (+ Built-In Bookcases and Hutch)

• Clean, DRY Basement (I&I program completed)

• Spacious Corner Lot

• Privacy Fence, Backyard Patio, Gardens

• Annual Taxes: $893

• Half-block from Bus Line

• Two blocks from Chester Creek

• Half-mile from UMD/St. Scholastica

• Appliances Stay with House


Interested? Email me at tonyx [at symbol] x-communication [dot] org

Stay-at-home summer?

Friday's 70-degree sunshine (I live up over the hill) got me thinking about all the places around the Northland I'd like to explore this summer. And then it got me thinking if this will finally be the year that gas prices will be a primary reason - instead of lack of time, or other commitments, or being sick, or whatever - that causes me to cut back my plans.

In all the places I've lived - and especially since I've come to Duluth - I relish having the chance to hit the road on a day off work and go somewhere interesting - to Ely, or the Gunflint Trail, or going hiking at Tettegouche... Two days off? Maybe a camping trip to Sleeping Giant up in Ontario, or the Porcupine Mountains in the U.P.

But maybe not this summer. While I have the means to cover gas costs for getting groceries, going to work, etc. - and I'm thankful for that - gas prices are getting to the point that I'm looking at scaling back my trips around the region - fewer new trails hiked, fewer chances to see wildlife, fewer chances to enjoy all the reasons I love living here - and that really bums me out.

So for everyone else who loves to make trips to canoe, hike, etc., how are you handling this? Gritting your teeth and making those trips, no matter the cost? Cutting back? Planning on getting really, really familiar with trails within the Duluth city limits this summer?

From the Audio Archive | 1980


I distinctly remember my brother bringing this record home from a party in the early 80s. I was probably 8 years old, and completely infatuated with the idea that my very own brother knew someone who had recorded an actual record. I'm not sure which person in the band he knew -- B. Herrick or Tom Donnohue, or someone else. I never met the guy, but the record stayed in the family collection.

A few years later I met Paul Lundgren and one day when I was visiting his house, I noticed that he too had a copy of "Lonely" by Thrust, via his own brother who was friends with Tom Donnohue. I probably thought that mean that Thrust was really something at the time, but honestly I have no idea how popular they were.

Do any of you 40- or 50-somethings remember rocking out to Thrust at Charlie's Club in the early 1980s?

Download "Lonely" by Thrust [2.5Mb mp3 -- WARNING! This recording sounds like complete crap.]

I would have also included the flip side, "Children of the Sun," but unfortunately it was completely unplayable.

May 16, 2008

Speaking of property for sale...

Were you to win this government auction, you could make a damn fine apartment in this space. It's conveniently located. The views are fantastic. But I'm thinking it might get a bit chilly on windy nights.

View image

Open Sat & Sun Noon-5. 227 East 7th St. Amazing views! 2 bdrm, 3 1/2 baths. Energy efficient. In floor heat. Gas fireplace. 2 stall garage & OSP. Cork, tile & engineered wood floors. Modern/contemporary design. $280K. Call 590.6502 for more info!

It appears as though I messed up the whole layout with my massive picture. So sorry. I'm going to stop posting pictures all together since I can't seem to figure out how to do it properly!!


A couple weeks ago, a real head-turner drove by me on the road. It was a smart car, one of those unbelievably little cars I've seen only in movies, like, in "The Bourne Identity" or something. I wished I had my camera.
Then today, there it was again. And I had my camera. (No people were harmed in the taking of this photograph, snapped as I entered the highway on-ramp.)
"Is it the same car?" I wondered. "Of course," I thought, "How could there be more than one in Duluth? Do they sell those in the U.S.? Is it street-legal here? How much do they cost? What's the gas mileage?"
These questions and more are answered on the FAQs page of the smart car website.

(They have been available in the U.S. since January. They are sold in Bloomington, Minn. Street-legal, yes. From $12,000 to $17,000. Gas mileage 40/45. The FAQs also include "How does [it] perform in the snow?" I'm skeptical, but at least if you get stuck, you could push it out of the ditch by yourself.)

May 15, 2008

adventure in the warehouse district!

tonight i went to a super cool gallery in mpls called www.houseofballs.com and saw this.

In honor of Brian Eno's Birthday

I made this film in 1981. It's all in-camera effects shot either in time-lapse or overcranked. I initially intended it to be a silent film but my brother had the album AFTER THE HEAT and I edited the shots to the track OIL. The track worked out so well with the visuals, I contacted Eno's label to request permission to use it, and was asked to send them a copy of the film so Eno could see it. I subsequently got permission and Mr. Eno was kind enough to send me a personal note letting me know how much he enjoyed it. How cool is that?

Guess who's Sixty?


Hint: Only one of the most prolific, influential and talented musician/producer/songwriters in history.

(rumor has it that he's also producing Coldplay's new album.)

Goodbody, Slim

SG and the Nearly Nakeds, Friday 10AM, Mitchell Auditorium. T-shirts depicting internal organs available for purchase. No glass containers, drugs or alcohol, please. Leave your personal vices at home. If you have been holding back any Slim Goodbody memories, now is the time to share.

Men at work

Work continues on the McQuade Public Boat Access about five miles up the North Shore from Duluth on Wednesday.
I'm guessing that some kind of group was visiting the site.

Orpheum - Saturday 5.24.08


Presales tickets available @ http://www.vitalvinyl.com

May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Present

A couple weeks ago my daughter told me she would make me a video for Mother's Day. I think she was expecting I would go for something funny but we've been talking a lot lately about her friend from school who is an exchange student from Iraq and will be going home to Baghdad soon. I pitched her my idea and this is what she came up with. Just thought I'd share.

Soon This Will Be Me!


OK, It's a man and not a woman, and I wouldn't be caught dead in that kind of a barrel, it would have to be a much fancier barrel...

Girl From The North Country has been having an extended spate of bad luck, involving doctors and lawyers and such, and therefore requires to shed many of her material possessions, and indeed, her house. Many many beautiful antiques will be sold at the Park Point Garage Sale (June 13 & 14th I believe) at 10th St in front of the Big Grey House. Your purchase will go to defray a substantial legal retainer (no fault of my own, I assure you, merely to protect me from some very serious Baddies).

As for the house, I have a very solid 3 bedroom house near the Coppertop Church (on the same street as the Mayor, quel chic!), built in 1923, it is cool in summer and warm in winter due to its thick walls and sturdy construction. It has a two car garage, an empty tax forfeited lot behind (which may be able to be purchased from the County), and a beautiful creek wandering through. Decent furnace and roof, wooded lot, two decks (one overlooking creek, the other off an upstairs bedroom with nice view and also near creek), three bedrooms and one bathroom, though rudimentary plumbing for another in basement. Undeveloped basement but plenty of storage room (pretty dry for an older house near a creek), open living room/dining room plan, roomy kitschy 50's diner kitchen, small windowed front porch, plenty of parking in front of double garage and in driveway. Bathroom was recently updated with new tub, sink, stool, ceramic floor, textured walls. Lower level and bedrooms have hardwood floors.

The downside is that since I'm a single Mom, it's not completely in tip top shape (some rooms could use painting, could use better carpet on stairs, hardwood floors are nice but would be fantastic with sanding) and also I let the garden go a little wild last year so there are many wildflowers (OK some are weeds) in the front yard. Blooms all year, though! The street outside is somewhat busy but my kids were 6 & 8 when we moved here and we never had a problem; the backyard and creek area are a child's paradise so they seldom played in the front.

I would need about $130,000 for it. The taxable value (which in Duluth is often quite a bit less than actual value) proposed for next year is $125,000, raised from $80K to $98K to $125K in the last few years, as the neighborhood and site are really pretty nice. It's a super solid house and we've been happy here but my youngest will be graduating soon and I would really like to be a little more liquid since I'm soon facing the fight of my life, legally. This would be a great starter home for a nice PDD family that is tired of paying rent.

If you send me an email, we can make arrangements for you to see it (once I get all of the garage sale stuff out of it!), if anyone is interested. One of my friends is a realtor but I thought that PDD might be a nice place to find someone who would love this place as much as we have.

Your Geek Culture Update: Iron Man vs. Speed Racer


First of all, let me state that both the Iron Man and Speed Racer movies receive the Geek King Seal of Approval. Both are wonderfully geeky films. But after having seen both of them I wonder, which is geekier? Speed Racer or Iron Man? and how would I quantify that? I will attempt to do that right now. Feel free to apply your own metrics.

Geek PointsIron ManSpeed RacerGeek Points
+ 1Tony Stark is an inventor and an engineering genius.Speed Racer is a race car driver.- 1
+ 1Tony Stark lives in a tasteful and immaculate, high tech bachelor pad with a secret laboratory in the basement.Speed Racer lives with his parents.+ 2
- 1Tony Stark is a playboy bachelor.Speed Racer has had the same girlfriend since grade school and they sometimes hold hands.+ 1
+ 2Tony Stark's dad worked on the Manhattan Project.Speed Racer's dad is a genius engineer who designs and builds racing cars.+ 1
+ 2Tony Stark fights crime from within his high tech battlesuit.Speed Racer battles the bad guys from within his high tech car.+ 1
+ 1Tony Stark has robots and beautiful personal assistant.Speed Racer has his mom and dad, his girlfriend, and a chimpanzee named "Chim-Chim".+ 2
- 1Tony Stark goes to swanky cocktail parties with fashion models and celebrities on a night out.Speed Racer takes Trixie parking on a night out, but apparently never makes out.+ 1
+ 1Tony Stark was top of his class.Speed Racer barely made it out of high school.- 1
Total 6Iron ManSpeed RacerTotal 6

You see my problem? Someone needs to break this tie.

Please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.



Anyone else suspicious of the legitamacy of this afternoons “Air Spectacular over Duluth”?!!

four years ago this month

Seems like only yesterday


Assessing incline crash damage, c. 1901-05

Thanks to Pat Maus at the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center for scanning a ton of images and adding them to the Minnesota Digital Library collections. There are lots and lots of cool old photos like this and this.

Find the site here: http://reflections.mndigital.org/
The most recently added photos are linked by the phrase "Neigborhoods of Duluth." Or, do an advanced search and limit the collection to Northeast Minnesota Historical Center.

May 13, 2008

Urban Chicken?


There is a planning commission meeting scheduled for 11 am today at City Council Chambers, third floor city hall to look at the ordinance to allow the raising of chickens in Duluth.

I think this is great news and would be a fun project to do with my kids,

How do you feel about folks raising hens for eggs in their backyards?

Charitable Crafters Annual Sale This Saturday

It's time. once again. for the crafty garage sale to end all crafty garage sales. There will be books on knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, tatting, baking and candlestick making. There will also be yarn, fabric, a ton of polar fleece, and various crafty things like cross stitch and needle felting supplies.

Saturday: 8-12
4407 Jay St.

Hope to see you there!

May 12, 2008

Guerilla loose on Park Point!


It's coming...


Some sweet old photos.

Airshow Preview, Wed. May 14th, 5:30 pm

Canadian Snowbirds Airshow Preview“Air Spectacular over Duluth”
The Canadian Forces Snowbirds

May 14th, 5:30 pm to 6:05 pm

Enbridge Energy in conjunction with the Richard I Bong WWII Heritage Center proudly present “Air Spectacular” featuring the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. The event will take place over Lake Superior in Duluth along the City’s famed Lakewalk. This FREE 35 minute performance will mark the first time the Snowbirds have performed in Duluth in more than 15 years.

The best viewing areas are on Duluth's hillside, Leif Erikson Park, Canal Park area, and Duluth's Lakewalk.

Tune into 94.1 FM in Duluth for live narration of the event by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

May 11, 2008

Duluth Herbal Study Group


Herbal Study Group PDF Download

Herbal Study Group 2008 Schedule

May 18th - Herbal Nervines Materica medica

June 15th - Herbs, foods and practices for insomnia

July 20th - The Medicinal Rosaceae (Rose) family

When? The study group meets 6-8pm in Lincoln Park the second Sunday of each month.

How do I sign up/get there? Please call Celia at 218-724-1685 for the meeting place and directions.
It is at my home, so I’d rather not give my address out on the web.

What is the herbal study group like? During herbal study group, people throughout the community
who are interested in herbalism and using plants as medicine meet to discuss, listen and share their
resources, knowledge and experiences about the monthly topic. This is a free, informal group and
beginners to advanced herbalist are welcome.

Basically, the group is free-form and based on who is attending and their suggestions. We will talk
about the monthly topic which can be materia medica, specific conditions, plant families,
herbal actions, preparations ect… Herb walks are scheduled though the summer but we may do
some during group as well. I will prepare at least one tea related to the topic for all the try and
reflect upon.

What is the herbal study group not?
The study group has a common goal of promoting
herbal learning and wisdom within our community. It is not intended to treat individual people
and their health conditions. If you are looking a health consultations, we may be able to make a
referral to health care practitioners in the Duluth area.

What should I bring? How do I prepare for study group? It will be helpful to bring your favorite
herbal references, a notebook, or whatever else you need to help you learn. Feel free to take notes
in preparation to share for the upcoming group, but it is not required. Snacks to share are always
welcome! You may also be inspired to bring some herbal preparations or herbs to study group
that relate to the topic, for us to try or smell.

Duluth Community Supported Herbalism
Contact Celia at 218-724-1685
[email protected]

Happy Birthday, Minnesota!

Birthday-Cake-Note-Card-C11.jpgHey, Happy Birthday, Minnesota.

I know I sometimes bitch about you, especially in what you laughingly call "Spring," but I'm kinda fond of you. Some people have argued that you were born out of oppression and that your birthday isn't something to celebrate, but, hey, who doesn't have a dark past?

I've only been hanging out with you for the last 8 years after meeting you at a party about 16 years ago, but, ya know, from the start I liked you. You're kinda laid back and easy-going and you don't take yourself too seriously. That's cool.

And, not to be shallow, but you are absolutely beautiful. You've really taken care of yourself over the last 150 years and it shows, not like some states I could mention.

Anyway, I don't always say it, but you're alright in my book. Happy Birthday.

Monday Night Board Games

Hey-o everyone. It looks like nobody else has posted a board game night reminder yet, so I figured I might as well. Come on over to Dragon Port Games tomorrow evening for some board games. No idea what we'll play this week, it's always at the whim of circumstance. Either way, it's always fun. And you don't have to know how to play! Leave a comment if you plan on coming - I will for sure be there, and probably another friend of mine, as well!

Who: Everyone
What: Board Games
When: Monday, 6:30 pm
Where: Dragon Port Games, on 4th West between Superior & Michigan

May 10, 2008

Comic school of art courtesy of former suck.com

For those of you that can draw and like a chuckle...

PART ONE: Basic Laws of Comic Drawing

* Crooked lines are funnier than straight lines.
* Dotted lines are funnier than solid lines.
* Light colors are funnier than dark colors.
* Flat is funnier than perspective.
* Ugly is funnier than cute.
* Top-heavy objects are funnier than bottom-heavy ones.
* Really big is funnier than really small.
* Small kitchen appliances are funnier than furniture. Always include either a blender or, better yet, a toaster in every kitchen setting.

Suck School of Comic Art
Suck School of Comic Art: Graduate Course

I'm happy they archived this e-mag. Check out the old "Filler" comics if you have a bunch of free time and are feeling a little bit of angst.

From the Photo Archive | May 1998


The College of St. Scholastica held a mud volleyball tournament a decade ago. Maybe it's a spring tradition that still goes on. I don't know. I must have taken some action shots of the game, but if I did they are in serious storage. The only photo I thought was special is this filthy young couple having extra curricular fun. I wonder if they're still together.

Walk For Animals, Saturday May 10

This will be the 16th Annual Walk for Animals, it's a fun community event and quite a spectacle. Walk begins and ends at Bayfront Park. Don't worry, this is not a marathon, just a pleasant morning walk. Details:

Registration 9 a.m.
Cutest Puppy Contest 9 a.m.
Walks Starts 10 a.m.
Drawings and Contests 11 a.m.

All registered walkers receive a free Continental
breakfast and are eligible for prize drawings.

- Collect $35 or more in pledges and earn a
long-sleeve AAHS t-shirt.

- Collect $100 or more and be entered to win a
Cirrus flight for 3 people!

- Microchipping available for $35.00 per pet
(in addition to pledges collected)

- Neuter Commuter on site for tours (!)


AAHS and the City of Duluth will provide water for walkers and their pets. “Clean-up” bags will also be available at Bayfront Park and along the walk route.

Any animal accompanying a walker must be leashed and have up-to-date vaccinations including rabies shots. Please refrain from bringing animals in season or uncontrollable animals.

All proceeds from the 2008 Walk for Animals support the AAHS adoption, spay/neuter and education programs.

THANK YOU for supporting and protecting the animals.

May 09, 2008

scuse me!

A Modest Proposal


Let me start by saying that I am posting this on both Duluth Citizens Blog and Perfect Duluth Day at the same time. Lately, we’ve all been witness to a string of hatred on both sites towards the regular posters and proprietors of the supposed opposing blog. Members of PDD and DCB both have participated in accusations, name-calling, and general anger towards regular posters whom they feel are in the wrong. It has gotten out of control.

On today’s episode of my equally maligned (by many members of both sites) podcast DANNY DOES DULUTH a thought came up to propose some sort of an inter-site, public summit where members of both DCB and PDD can get together and try to solve the issues causing so much tension. After thinking about it for a few hours, I’m now beginning to realize that maybe this is something that can become more than just a thought, but an actual concept. My proposal is this: sometime in the month of June we set aside a specific day, most-likely on a Saturday during early evening hours where we all get together and try to just get along. The venue would be an agreed upon bar in town, somewhere we can all be comfortable. I am happy to field suggestions as to the locale. Also, I would like to know who has the courage and honesty to attend an event such as this. In my mind, a minimum of 5-10 people from both sites would be needed in the interest of fairness and variety of conversation. Please contact me by either replying to this post, commenting on this post, or sending me an email to [email protected] if you are interested in attending an event such as this. I see it as a win-win situation.

Graffiti on the side of the Armory

taken with my Blackberry...

I think not.

What to you get when you mix a group of trust funders with a bunch of uneducated know if all welfare sucking parasites? PDD. Just think how much of your money is going to pay for some of these individuals housing, heating assistance, food, and unfortunately, because of our messed up system, money for drinking, drugs, and computers to spread their hate and anger.

PDD, if this is Duluth's arts culture, the city is in big trouble. It's a bunch of delinquent kids who are trying to show their parents how smart they are and failing miserably, I might add. They should go back home to mommy and daddy and enroll back in the schools they dropped out of and attend some counseling sessions to get some help with the issues that many clearly possess.

I found this on DCB. I think they're wrong. I'm probably the youngest, by far, on this website, and not even I act like ther description of PDD. Feedback?

What to you get when you mix a group of trust funders with a bunch of uneducated know if all welfare sucking parasites? PDD. Just think how much of your money is going to pay for some of these individuals housing, heating assistance, food, and unfortunately, because of our messed up system, money for drinking, drugs, and computers to spread their hate and anger.

PDD, if this is Duluth's arts culture, the city is in big trouble. It's a bunch of delinquent kids who are trying to show their parents how smart they are and failing miserably, I might add. They should go back home to mommy and daddy and enroll back in the schools they dropped out of and attend some counseling sessions to get some help with the issues that many clearly possess.

I found this on DCB. I think they're wrong. I'm probably the youngest, by far, on this website, and not even I act like ther description of PDD. Feedback?



I noticed this on the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. I enjoy reading example after example of bad punctuation, and it's nice to see my hometown represented.

May 08, 2008

Hell Yeah.


(this will destroy you.)

dcb starfire spotted with suspicious looking accomplices


Pray for sunshine... and BYOBBQ!


I'm pretty sure this will be a knockout good time, from beginning to end;
assuming the neighbors don't revolt... but even then...
The fact that we are able to use the park for this show is a moral victory for grassroots
civic/arts groups who just want to enjoy Duluth's many fine green spaces!!


May 07, 2008

May 17th @ The Venue


Any Lawyers out there?

I try to stay away from the Duluth Citizens Blog and for the most part I am successful. Even when one of the "moderators" took on the moniker of Starfire. I politely wrote in to the good ol DCB to suggest that there may be some confusion in using that name but did not receive a response. So I mostly let it go but today when I dropped in to see if there was any discussion of Homegrown I found the following post.


Now this person is claiming to be me which I guarantee is not the case. I have contacted the domain owner who claims to only be the "web designer." So I am wondering if there just might be a lawyer out there in PDD land that I could consult with on what actions I could take to stop this. I realize that this is exactly the drama that the DCB wants by doing this but it really bugs me that they are stealing my identity for such a piece of crap website.

Also I am 40 today which makes me pretty much middle aged.

Man Runs Over Dog and Sues Dog Owners

I heard about this this morning on MPR and could hardly believe it. This past January Jeffrey Ely hit a dog near Cloquet and kills it instantly. Now he is suing the owners for $1100 to cover damage to car and lost work time. The family is countersuing for $2400.

Um, ya know, crap like this happens, folks. Who's to blame? The driver, probably not. The family? Unlikely. The dog? Hardly. It seems to me when a pet is hit by a car either everyone is to blame or no one is to blame, unless there are extenuating circumstances, which I don't see here.

Anyone want to take a side in this?

DNT | Bemidji Pioneer | Fox 9 (Twin Cities) | WCCO (Twin Cities) | Star Tribune | MSNBC

Your Geek Culture Update

legoupPA0605_468x669.jpggeekkingSOP.jpgThis week on your geek culture update I present a 100' tower of legos! Why? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this amazing toy of course! It was built this past weekend at Legoland Windsor which beats the one built in Toronto last summer which beat the one made in the California Legoland earlier last summer. Clearly it's on in the competitive world of erecting tall things out of legos! All of which are Geek King Approved.

Please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.

May 06, 2008

For Your Amusement and Disgust

Actual local Craigslist ad, posted under "Customer Service". I haven't posted on PDD for awhile, so here's something disturbing! Enjoy!

"ASK FOR IAN Single w male 5'10 medium build wears mostly black clothes into pretty much anything, except i cry when i hear a banjo playing. Anything involving animals is cool as long as there not dead or die during activity..i like playing guess the fruit with my ass, and i have this weird rodeo clown and bull fantasy i want to try out."


Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation Awards

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation awarded 22 grants totaling $83,520 to non-profit organizations in its nine-county service region. Grants were made from several funds of the Community Foundation including: Central Mesabi Fund for Human Services, Global Awareness Fund, Jane S. Smith Memorial Fund, Scott D. Anderson Leadership Foundation Fund, Silver Bay Charitable Fund and the Wirtanen Family Fund. Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

Ashland/Bayfield County League of Women Voters - Washburn, Wisconsin
$2,000 for Beyond Military Muscle: Building a Safer, More Compassionate World

College of St. Scholastica - Duluth, Minnesota
$2,000 for Thinking Globally About Food: A Lecture by Paul Roberts

Duluth Art Institute - Duluth, Minnesota
$1,903 for a Moveable Wall Project

Duluth Children’s Museum, Inc. – Duluth, Minnesota
$5,000 for A View from Space

Duluth Playhouse, Inc. – Duluth, Minnesota
$3,000 for Equity Guest Artist – Sarah Lawrence

Duluth Public Schools – Duluth, Minnesota
$11,000 for the Scott Anderson Leadership Forum – Year VI

FinnFest 2008 – Duluth, Minnesota
$2,000 for Women’s Panels and Family/Youth Activities

Friends of Wirtanen Pioneer Farm – Makinen, Minnesota
$235 for Wirtanen Farm Days Fall Festival

Lake Superior Community Theater – Silver Bay, Minnesota
$8,000 for Portable Wireless Microphone and Public Address System

Lake Superior School District – Two Harbors, Minnesota
$4,699 for Community Education Preschool – School Readiness Assistance

Legal Aid Service of Northeastern MN – Duluth, Minnesota
$1,044 for Legal Services Hibbing Outreach

Minnesota Citizens Federation Northeast – Duluth, Minnesota
$2,000 for Civic Engagement in the Health Care Reform Debate

Minnesota Ballet – Duluth, Minnesota
$3,000 for Penelope Freeh Choreography

Northern Lake County Arts Board – Silver Bay, Minnesota
$3,000 for Dance Program Scholarships

Northshore Area Partners – Silver Bay, Minnesota
$3,000 for Block Nurse Program

Range Transitional Housing – Virginia, Minnesota
$4,500 for Hibbing Transitional Housing Project

Rockridge – Lester Park Elementary School Foundation – Duluth, Minnesota
$2,000 for Spanish Collaborative with UMD

Silver Bay Kids Plus - Silver Bay, Minnesota
$4,500 for After School and Weekend Activities

Silver Bay Parent Teacher Student Organization – Silver Bay, Minnesota
$8,000 for After School Program

Tweed Museum of Art – Duluth, Minnesota
$1,000 for Exhibition of Finish and Sami Inspired Textiles and Fabrics

Twelfth Step House – Virginia, Minnesota
$5,000 for General Operating Expenses

YWCA of Duluth – Duluth, Minnesota
$1,639 for a Convening of the Duluth Anti-Racism Coalition

The Community Foundation is a permanent community endowment, built by gifts from hundreds of individuals and organizations and currently has total assets of almost $50 million. Guided by a 14-member Board of volunteer civic leaders, the Community Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations and to individuals for scholarships and provides leadership on important community initiatives in our area. The theme for the 25th anniversary in 2008 is “From Vision to Vibrance. Celebrating a Quarter Century of Dreams Achieved.” Visit online at www.dsacommunityfoundation.com.



Haven't been to the pancake feed coming up Thursday at the DECC (6am-8pm) for a few years. Anyone know when is the best time to see the local news celebrities who volunteer there? I want to maximize my chances of getting served a cup o' joe by Babs Reyelts in a short red mini.

"It's a Suck-Fest!"

lucie1.jpgLucie Amundson, frequent contributor to PDD, is featured on this week's In the Loop story slam about "Your Achilles' Heel" with her harrowing tale of trying to sell her home. It starts at about timecode 10:00 and runs just under 5 minutes. It's hilarious. Kudos to you, Lucie. I hope you sell your house soon so you can join us here in Duluth.

May 05, 2008

Homegrown Hijynx.




Chris Monroe Homegrown Comic Strip

Posted with permission from Monroe. Click on the strip for larger version.

May 04, 2008

Homegrown Flickr Slideshow

Equal Xchange

As of this posting, there are currently 475 photos on Flickr tagged "homegrownmusicfestival2008." I'm sure there will soon be many, many more. This is a slideshow of all of them.

If you're a Flickr member and you have Homegrown photos from this year's events, simply tag your photos homegrownmusicfestival2008 to add them to this slideshow.

You can click on a photo during the slideshow to find out who took it and read any information they might have posted along with it (such as a title or description)

You can also manually page through the photos here.





TWINS BAR - Saturday

May 03, 2008

Monday Night Board Gaming


Last week was a rousing game of Ticket to Ride, what will it be this week? PDDers and PDD lurkers will be meeting again at Dragon Port Games at 6:30 on Monday and we'll play whatever people bring. If you've never played any board games you should still come!! Whoever knows how to play the selected game(s) will teach everyone else. Perhaps we can round up enough people to play two games at once. So definitely come out, I'd love to meet everyone.

Dragon Port Games & Comics is located at 3 South 4th Avenue West, between Michigan and Superior (it's sort of underneath the sidewalk, don't worry, you'll find it!)

Suggestive, no?


Somehow, this graphic/headline combo on the Duluth News Tribune's website seems pretty dirty to me.

Overheard on Superior Street

2am, heading down Superior Street to the car at the end of the night, the blonde woman in the small group in front of us calls out "Ojibwe Jehovah, help me find my car!" No idea if her prayer was answered.

May 02, 2008

This man just heard me sing

Barrett Chase, Don Ness (Mr Mayor), Paul  Lundgren

I'm lucky I'm still allowed to live in Duluth.

Tangier 57 gig palette

For those of you who track with us, Here's the official colors of our homegrown set this year. Saturday night 7pm to 10pm Redstar Lounge.

Did You Make Your Map? Plan Your Plan?

Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008 Photo by Richard Narum
Horse & Rider @ The Main Club, Superior, May 1, 2008

so... you've read the field guide... but did you READ the field guide? have you made your map? well... cork did. and i helped. so here they are... the 2008 version of "the map"... yes yes... it's actually a spreadsheet... but were calling it a map... cuz we've laid it out from east to west... and included some distances to the popular spots on superior street... the distances listed are in yards... you can kinda think of it in terms of elementary school... instead of the 100 yard dash... it's the 164 yard dash, or similar. you get the picture.

note about the note... it'll take you about 15 minutes to walk from the brewhouse the RT's. if you are going to head up to first street... well... it'll take longer. keep that in mind when you head out... or you'll end up missing your favorite band. don't like to walk? ride the trolley. the route map is printed in the field guide... and it's free... but really... you probably need the exercise anyway... so why not dash?

here you go...
* microsoft excel version of the schedule
* friday night pdf version of the schedule
* saturday night pdf version of the schedule

[ more Homegrown photos ]

Add To Your Already Busy Schedule:

Today: No Pants Day


Tomorrow: Free Comic Book Day

No Pants Day can be celebrated anywhere (as the law allows).
Free Comic Book Day can be celebrated locally at Collector's Connection in the Miller Hill Mall.

The Surfactants - Homegrown 10 - Pizza Luce - Tonight!

May 01, 2008

As Seen On TV

From the Photo Archive | May 1, 1998


Before there was a Homegrown Music Festival, we had these little Beltane bonfires on Wisconsin Point every year. It worked well the first time we did it, in maybe 1995, but every year after that it was freezing cold.


I didn't think it was a big deal that it was so cold, because there was a fire, after all. But since it was too cold for skinny dipping, each year fewer and fewer people saw a point in hanging out at the beach on May 1, even though large amounts of mead and fire were involved.


I had met the mysterious DJ Starfire by this time, but I didn't know he would be having a 30th birthday party in a few days that would be the precursor to a music festival that would nail the coffin shut on my annual bonfire tradition. I think only about 12 people showed up in 1998 anyway.


As fate would have it, it's quite cold and windy today. I think a Homegrown Hempen Ale at the Burrito Union will be a suitable tradeoff to a naked leap into Lake Superior tonight. Or maybe I'll do both. What does a cab ride to Wisconsin Point cost, $60?

Let the Games Begin


Cork is in the house... the House of Carmody's... Let the games begin...


And don't forget about the BBQ behind Fetus TONIGHT and TOMORROW... 430-700PM more or less... with the Bitter Spills...

More Homegrown Photos...

National Day of Prayer

He died for your sins, now he's back for your brains.

Lake & First

"Hi. Would you like this bottle of water?"
"Ok. Today is the National Day of Prayer. Is there anything you would like us to pray for?"
"Pray for the zombies to come."

Stuart Little

"Life's never easy when you're the only mouse in a family of humans."
"Stuart Little" is the last children's production of the season at the Duluth Playhouse. Show times are:
7 p.m. Friday, May 2; Thursday, May 8; Friday, May 9
1 p.m. & 4 p.m. Saturday, May 3 & 10
2 p.m. Sunday, May 4 & 11.
Get tickets online or by calling (218) 733-7555.
At the Depot: 506 W. Michigan Ave. • Duluth, MN 55802