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Your Geek Culture Update

geekkingSOP.jpgTwo video offerings on your helping of geek culture this week. Both of these are 100% Geek King Approved!

I have to confess to counting myself among the Ewok haters of which Andrew sings in this moving choral tribute to the 25th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, but this video almost wins me over. I even found myself singing along. Watch it, if for no other reason, for the Billy Dee Williams cameo. It says in the notes it was recorded at a United Methodist Church, but not which one. I'd love to know if anyone finds out.

The second video was recommended by Adem here on PDD. It's an Engineer's Guide to Cats and it's a beautiful thing to behold. I especially chortled at the cat yodeling.

Please feel free to send me nominees for the Geek King Seal of Approval. This concludes this royal announcement.


Andrew answered my question... It was recorded at Hollywood UMC and the choir is not the church's choir, but composed separately.

Mr. Klusman in the second video is, I believe, a Minnesota boy. I remember him from Norf Dakoda State over in GoFar.

My calculator is bigger and better than his. Though I cannot play my cat's yodel as well.

Who is this king geek guy? I am fairly certain I could out-geek or out-nerd anyone. *flexes his Ti-89 calculator and his M:tG EDH*

pshaw! Your Ti-89 is no match for my HP-48G.

Reverse Polish Notation rocks!

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