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9-20-07 DULUTH, MN Get Out Your Atlas and Look at Minnesota. See Caption, Below Photo


The comments from the "guesses" are way, way more disturbing than the actual photo.

This billboard is from an ad campaign for Think credit union (aka IBM credit union) in Rochester, MN. Whoever does their marketing is good (even if the billboard makes fun of Duluthians). Ya sure, you betcha!

I hadn't seen this variation of the Think billboards yet. You can't go 20 feet around here (Rochester) w/o seeing one of their ads. Some are more cryptic than others. They must have a ton of ideas because they seem to keep changing up the billboards. I'm ready for a new marketing plan.

I do remember seeing this one. It's old. The marketing plan I'm sick of is their current one. It has signatures of people like "Anita Loan" and "Juan A. Newhouse". ugh... The license plate ad campaign was slightly better. However still splattered everywhere.

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