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We did not play Stratego... euphemistically or otherwise...


The triumphant return of the PDD Game Night!
Thanks to everyone who came! Thanks to DragonPort Games for allowing us to take over their backroom!
Last night's game: A rousing rout of RoboRally!

(Photos taken with my Blackberry... sorry, Edge, I'll get a good photo of you next time!)



That's one intent looking Mel I see there.

The girl on girl Stratego had booze. I'm upset.


I saw some canadian whisky cases over on the shelf, and for a second I thought maybe Donny was an alcoholic, then I realized that it was more likely that they probably just had game stuff in them. Next time—bring beer! Beer & brownies!

If any of you play Magic at all, we have Type 2 tournaments on Fridays @ 6. Also we casually play a format called Elder Dragon Highlander in a seasonal league where people play casually at any time.

I am making some great expressions indeed. Durr...

Well as good as beer and various types of whiskey are we don't allow it at the store and in fact our prevented via lease from doing so.

I know you were kidding but just wanted to make sure the literal wording types among us knew for certain :)

Also I think Steve is working the closing shift next Monday so you can meet the other co-owner of the new store.

Haha YES i was kidding everyone. It's how I roll. Definitely be cool to meet the other half. Hope you can join us for something sometime when you ain't gotta dig up rocks or set up interwebs.

yarr, the game is fun, but too long with 8 peeps on game night I had a slight, SLIGHT advantage near the end before we had to hussle out of there.

Damn. No booze. There goes my golden flask of elf elixir!

I am a big one on sarcasm myself as anyone who knows me will attest.

I was not kidding, as anyone who knows me will attest. Any chance we can get you to look the other way in the Dragon's Lair?

Nope sorry its in the lease booze is a no go. It is a family place after all as well.

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