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Tristram Cary 1925-2008

cary_narrowweb__300x397,0.jpgTristram Cary, composer of music for many episodes of Doctor Who in the 60s and 70s, has passed away. He was regarded as a pioneer in electronic music. Sound the doo- WEEE-ooooooo in his honor.

[homepage][wikipedia entry]

Edit: Ron Grainer was the composer of the original theme song, not Tristram Cary as was erroneously reported in this obituary.

Lesson: Always check your sources.

Sound the dooo-WEEEE-oooo anyway.


oooooo-we-ooooooo, we-ooooooo
All together now!

The Wiki entry said he actually didn't write the theme music, just other music for the series (not to be a geek amongst geeks)!

You're right, but this obit, which prompted my posting, credits him with the theme song. I wonder...

Doh! I knew this. Ron Grainer was the composer of the theme song! I should always double check my sources. I feel like such a tool.

There is a really awesome doc floating aroud that talks about the old BBC soundlab and how they made all the cool scores using primative sampling techniques (reel to reel splice style) and whatnot.

And I thought the theme song was the one that 80's band did "Dr. Who-o0, HEY! Dr. Who, Dr. Who-oo, HEY! Dr. Who...

You're thinking of the Timelords: The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The JAM or the The KLF.

"We have been following a wild and wounded, glum and glorious, shit but shining path these past five years. The last two of which has led us up onto the commercial high ground—we are at a point where the path is about to take a sharp turn from these sunny uplands down into a netherworld of we know not what. For the foreseeable future there will be no further record releases from The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords, The KLF and any other past, present and future name attached to our activities. As of now all our past releases are deleted.... If we meet further along be prepared... our disguise may be complete.

somewhere, a Dalek is rejoicing.

Somewhere, a single tear-streak of oil stains a Cyberman's face.

somewhere a slitheen is farting with joy

i always wondered why they didn't just run up behind the daleks and push them over. C'mon...they weren't *that* fast.

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