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This Ain't Christmas Anymore...


i used to claim that homegrown was my christmas.

however, now that i am older and wiser... i have come to realize how immature that view was.

i have changed my view... as christmas is only one or two days of glory...

that is completely inadequate. this year... i am proud to indicate that homegrown is my hannakah. many many days of celebration.


Merry Hannukah!

Actually Christmastide extends from December 25 to January 5, that is from Christmas Day proper to the eve of Epiphany, making for 12 days of Christmas. The Twelfth Night of Christmas was often used to stage plays or concerts or other entertainments that had been prepared over the extended holiday (hence William Shakespeare's play of the same name).

Also as recently as the 1800s the Twelve Days of Christmas were marked with nightly parties at houses and barns where bands would play and there would be much dancing, partying, and drinking.

So, I'd argue, that your original analogy was apt but dated.

Eight days of Hanukkah/music/bars = just right

Twelve days of Christmas/music/bars = too many

T-minus 68 hours until Duluth

ah, the many uses of duct tape.

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