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The most EXCITING part about Friday's storm

superior crib.jpg

So did it float over to the beach on top of a powerful wave? Was it dragged at the bottom of the lake? How quickly will it become buried in its new resting spot?


Is this the crib from a short distance East?
I hear it's a great time for agate picking!

There is a photo on the DNT website somewhere showing it floating to iots new location. I'm lazy, and am not going to try to find it.

There is a Youtube video out there:


Clearly floating. Cool!

I just checked the crib out yesterday. I like the new location better.

Here's a link to a post from when the mysterious crib first washed up.


YouTube Video: That hail-covered lens, sepia toned part would be the perfect opening for a frozen underwater zombie Duluth invasion movie.

Duluth News Tribune website has reader-submitted photos of the crib floating down the lake.

I was out snapping photos out by the old location last week. Didn't have a tripod so my long exposures came out blurry ... I was hoping to go back and shoot some more. Too late.


I was down walking the Lakewalk Friday morning, checking out the big crib that had magically appeared last winter. Later that day as I was walking Lakewalk again I did an absolute double take when I realized it had once again moved itself to yet another location.

I dig the "soundtrack" music on the YouTube footage. Thanks for adding their name in the credits. My quest has begun.

I took this video footage of the wooden crib on Friday afternoon, as it was on its way to its new location. I noticed that it had moved some 20 yards from its old location when I took this footage.


Best Regards,

P.S. I also took this footage Friday:


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