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The Lovely Spring Blizzard

Hey everyone, I grew up in Duluth/Superior and absolutely miss the weather. I know you've all got a crazy blizzard coming, and I'm stuck down in Madison, WI where its' cold and RAINING! (I hate the spring).

So, I'm totally jealous and wondering if anyone will be posting pictures. Pleeeease post cool pictures of all the snowfall if you're able to take any! Thanks so much, and be safe everyone!


Ah, sweet, sweet, sarcasm...

This is so STUPID. I hate the world. A blizzard in April?? WHY! WHY!!! I'm hoping this will be another one of those occasions where we end up laughing at how stupid meteorologists are and wonder why they're not studying meteors. I have to ride to the Cities Friday and fly out Saturday morning :-\ As if the airlines weren't already canceling enough flights!

I'm near the twin cities. I plan on firing up blizzard cam tomorrow (Thu) morning. Although I think we will start out as rain. Cam will be here... http://live.yahoo.com/zoyx

I'm with Mel. I'm raging against the weather. I want to poke out the eyes of anyone who expresses glee at the thought of more snow.
My 3-year-old learned to say "shut up," and I think she got it from me talking back at the weatherman on the radio.
However, if you think snow photos are "cool" (whatever), you could check back here, or the Duluth News Tribune website. It usually has a "share a photo" feature after a big snowstorm.

My roommate was thinking that spring and summer is just going to skip us this year... at this point it makes sense.

I love it. I moved here for the weather. Was pissed that the two feet missed us last weekend and am hoping for a doozy this time. Keep your fingers away, Beverly.

Move to an arid climate (the antarctic desert doesn't count), and trust me, you'll miss it some.

My parents were out visiting us in NY and had to leave unexpectedly last night to get home ahead of this storm (they drive 20 hours straight through). They had prior responsibilities and absolutely had to be home Sunday morning. My daughter was crushed as I told her she could stay home from school today and tomorrow to hang out with Grandma and "G". Oh well..such is the life Duluthians I guess.

It's 65 here this week!

Wow, I read this and thought I did some sleepwalk-blogging. I'm also in Madison, I hate spring (at least the cold rain, wind, and mud), and miss the old Northland winters. Fortunately, we had a better winter here than Duluth did this year. Snowier, anyway. And while I'm definitely ready to move forward with the warmer weather, it would be a nice bitch-slap in the face of all the wishy washy happy sunshiney "I'm too important to be cold" people who constantly whine about flurries.


I can't wait to see the waves later today, 40mph wind out of the east - yeah!

I can't wait. Time for adventure. Got all my winter gear ready, already :)

Yeah, if anybody gets pictures at park point of the 15 foot waves or anything, or off the lift bridge, that'd be badass!

If you want to scope out the waves before you go down to the Canal:


I just took my "before" pictures. i am awaiting the smow to get my "during" and "after" pictures.

I was by the canal around 6 and it felt like a party down there. Crowd of all sorts of folks enjoying the view and photographing using everything from cell phones to tripods. Got clipped in a tooth by a small flying stone while laughing.

Well its 10:30 and I was just about to go ahead and call bullshit on this storm. Karl Spring was starting to squirm about the fact that no snow has fallen yet. I think the experts underestimated the effect of the high pressure over Canada containing dry sinking air funneling down the snout of Lake Superior, absorbing the storm's moisture in these parts. I was just about to call bullshit and now finally its started snowing. The wind and waves sure have been impressive. Saw a street light blown over on the Bong Bridge.

We left Chicago for Lake Minnesung this morning and spent the first half of the trip in monsoon rain and then hit freezing snow just before Eau Claire. Then it was white out for awhile and now we are at my Dad's place watching the snow. I don't think we'll get the full hit that Duluth will, but it should be impressive. I just hope we can get out and to Duluth for Geek Prom!

Power went out @ 3:30a in the hillside, back this morning...this one does not disappoint. I'd say a very healthy 6 inches so far with drifting. The wind, the wind!

THis sucks, while people get the day off from work to enjoy the blizzard, life goes on for my editors in NYC, who aren't giving me the day off, I still have to work! This telecommuting b.s. sucks sometimes! And I don't have any firewood either! At least I have plenty of beer and wine for later. . .

Our power went out about 6am and just came back on about 1030.

Was watching Babs and George broadcast on channel 6 - it was awesome. The building was without power so they were running the broadcast from the truck and giving interviews over cell phones.
The discussion about old-school telephone gags was priceless! :)

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