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The Future Has Officially Arrived


Believe you me, I'm as upset as anyone about the lack of flying cars and ray guns in this 21st century of ours. Most times the future, as was advertised in the science fiction of days gone by, looked quite, well, futuristic. Look around most days and everything is just the same as it's been for decades. But, then I saw this new riot gear on some French cops beating up some protesters. How freakin' sweet are these outfits? I'm sorry I ever doubted you "Freejack".


Still need the Judge Dredd helmets though.

Hmm... Judge Dredd en fran├žais...

"Je suis la loi!"

Voila! Now with helmets!

For some reason, when I saw this headline I thought it was going to be about the New Kids on the Block reunion.

Mary, you totally cracked me up!

To put the Duluth spin on the post, let's pretend the apprehended dude was protesting the Red Plan.

I sort-of looks like Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

DISREGARD ABOVE: He sort-of looks like Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Speaking of helmets...

[the remarkable thing is that this WASN'T the photo I had in mind.]

err, whoops.

First they came for the protesters, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a protester...

"Then they came for me... and by that time no one was left to speak up."

(Quote borrowed from Rev. Martin Niemoller of WW2 Germany)

i used to have a sweet set of sparring armor similar to this when I served the Blatha An Oir barony in the An Tir kingdom.

looks like law enforcement has been taking notes from SCA masters at arms...finally.

A taste. I bring you, tactical internet pants. Must get me some...

And, for $100, camera glasses can be yours.

Holy Cats! Those Red Plan protesters should be afraid, very afraid.

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