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Strange Events in the Duluth Sky

Sjixxxy pointed out to me a phenomenon in the sky above Duluth this afternoon. The phenomenon was an ever-changing beast. Below are two photos, one early on and the second taken later during which the phenomenon had changed drastically almost as if to give Duluthians some sort of sign. :


Upon closer inspection later in the day the phenomenon had changed drastically. See below:


'bout time this town receives its blessing.

Ahh yes... the mighty goatce of god is smiling down on Duluth.

The second photo reminds me of the Undertow cover.

No, wait....is there a wedding band present?

Circling plane?

In all likelihood, these are the result of low altitude de-icing exercises being performed by the Nat. Guard.

There is a large Chinook helicopter hovering about with a de-icing boom slung underneath it.

Now as to "what" it's de-icing, I've no idea.

Though they are very pretty.

haha. april fools.

I laughed.

About an hour ago, a coworker showed me these two pics. I looked sidways at his monitor and thought I saw a "cool design caused by airplanes then changed by the wind."
An hour later, I opened this in my browser and saw the completely unmistakable Goatse.
How unusual for my pervy mind to be on break...

Nice one Sam.

I think this photo should be on the cover of the Reader.

honestly. there's another way to look at this?:)

thx jessiehetland

It looks like its right over the liquor store, or maybe the Kozy. Coincidence? I think not. Was Jim Hall playing that night?

As for the Reader, I'd set my sights a bit higher SamH you might be able to put your kids through college on a Weekly World News cover

jesus saves

And the devil spends

I think someone needed some help from Batman.

Is that jebus in there?

open your eyes people. the seals are opening. the time is at hand. perpare and seek salvation. look around you the world is in great danger. the hand of GOD! has been showned to you.

Is being showned like being pwned? Our god, Goatse is totally showned-ing and pwned-ing Duluth in this photo.

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