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I'm originally from England (where the history comes from, as Eddie Izzard once said) and I've been here a year. I've got a few burning questions and rather than spam PDD with a deluge of posts I'll gather them up into this handy, cut out 'n keep metapost.

so, in order of flammability,

We're looking to buy a house, can anyone recommend a really good realtor?

I'm in the job market, I'm checking out the DNT listings, minnesotajobnetwork, minnesotaworks, the university sites and radio station sites. Are there any other resources I should be aware of? My background is in radio, sound production, composition advertising and some web design.

I'm working on a web site and I'm stuck on one page where, after a search, results are returned which are the URLs of files to download. I need to serve the file to the user and also create a record of what that user has just downloaded. I'm using DW, MySQL and PHP and I can't get the insert record behavior to work. Does anyone have any PHP chops who could take a peek at the code and point out the obvious to me?

I'm a musician ... guitar, bass, drums, keys, nose flute. I'd love to play out. If anyone's interested gimme a shout.

I can't think of anything else of import, thanks for looking :)


I've heard good things about Tony Vatalero (Evergreen Real Estate)...

Sue Bott is great!

I just bought a house with Kris Kapsner as my buying agent. Good guy.

Barb Fischer is a great realtor.

We have purchased two houses in Duluth with Leila Klasse from Edmunds Realty. She is fair, honest, reliable, and fun! She is very accommodating and did a great job selling our first house, (which we bought with her help). We met her at an open house and she recommended that we go to many open houses to "interview" realtors, making sure to meet realtors from different companies. She also recommended that each of us take some time and compile separate and private lists of 5 really important features in a house. Then to go over eachothers' lists and create a new list and to really try not settle for something less. It was a really fun and eye-opening exercise for us! Good luck with your job search too! Can't help with your website devo issues, and the only music we are making these days is on our Fisher Price drum and xylophone set with our 2 year old twins! Peace Out.

We had good luck with Casey Knutson from Edmunds, as have a fair number of people we know. She really worked hard to sell our crummy little house, and spent a lot of time with us showing houses despite the fact that we were by no means trading up to a mansion.

Job-wise, it sounds like you've pretty much got it covered. My only other advise (other than to move away) would be to start making friends in places where you'd like to work. Duluth is a small town and the best jobs never get posted. Network your butt off and you might get lucky. Try attending some of the Chamber networking functions to see how things work. www.duluthchamber.com

I'm interested in making music too-- email me at askildumatgmaildotcom.

Hear, Hear for Casey. Casey Knutson Carbert at Edmunds.

Nicki Conrad at Messina & Associates. Nicki Conrad

She's extremely knowledgeable about real estate and can put you in touch with the right people that will help you to be able to finance your house.

Well, Rouge, you could skip the realtor thing and simply buy my Chester Park house, which will be on the market in a few weeks. I won't bore the other PDD'rs with the details. You can email me for those: tonyx [at symbol] x-communication [dot] org. (Otherwise, yes, Casey K-C is a solid choice.)

If you want to start a pod cast or maybe a radio show. Talk to me!


Casey Knutson Carbert is awesome. She has a memory like an elephant, she works hard, she has a vast knowledge of Duluth, and she has an excellent sense of humor.

I heartily recommend her.

Casey. Casey. Casey.


Tea and cake or death?

Wow! Thanks for all your comments! They're very much appreciated :)

I know a few realtors personally (Casey being one of them), but we decided to go with someone we didn't have personal ties with so that it didn't get too ackward when it came to screwing each other over for fees. Haha. Anyway, Tom Bridge with ReMax was awesome. He put up with our inexperience, indecisiveness, mindchanging, and stubborness. We walked us through everything that he could, let us know when his interests were divided due to having an interest in selling a house, and kept a great sense of humor throughout. He even kept my then infant daughter mildly entertained during showings. If we ever decide to sell this house or buy rental property, Tom Bridge will be our man again.

Networking is one of the top ways to make connections so join the professional group in your field. If you are using MinnesotaWorks.net make sure you develop a great resume and try the match feature because it will produce better results than searching by keyword.

If you need help finding the right words to describe your experience look at www.careeronestop.org for the occupational information.

That is from a random website after a google search. Your problem might lie in the insert query or your database. It's hard to say without seeing the code. You can reach me at caduceass(at symbol)gmail(period symbol)com if you want me to take a peek. I can't promise anything, though, because I dropped PHP quite a while ago.

website referred to earlier but somehow escaped the post (probably, because I cut and pasted actual PHP code)...


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