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Monday Night Board Gaming & Help Make a Short Video!

We had so much fun board gaming this past Monday night, let's do it again! We'll meet at Dragon Port at 6:30 and we'll play whatever people bring. Ticket to Ride (USA, Marklin, and Eurpoe) and other games were mentioned.

Also, this weekend is Dragon Port's grand opening! Dragon Port Games & Comics is located at 3 South 4th Avenue West, pretty much it's the only thing between Michigan and Superior on 4th Avenue West so it's hard to miss.

Further, I'd like your assistance in making a short video that I'll subsequently post to PDD. I'm making it on my Mac so pretty much all you have to do is stare at the little cam and say a line or maybe two. I was thinking, originally, of playing all the parts myself, but I thought it would be more fun to get other PDD folks involved. If you're interested here's the script: Blogger X - A Drama.

So you can come for the gaming, come for the grand opening, come for the movie, or any combination of the three!


I'm always tempted to come down for Monday Night Board Gaming, but never seem to be able to make the time, as I'm in one weekly and two monthly gaming groups already. Whew! The tough life of a geek!
Maybe some boring Monday night I'll crawl down for some excitement. :)

I'm embarassed to say (or maybe I should have a different reaction) that I've never been to a game night, but I will SO be Commentator 8!

Let's see if I can get this right from a psychology perspective.

C1 is the teacher
C2 is the scholar
C3 is the realist, or maybe that's C4
C5 is George Bush
C6 is the child
C7 is the soldier
C8 is the teenager
C9 is the monopoly guy
C10 is C8

X meh?

Oh, I forgot about admin. That would be God.

Those could change all around, and probably still fit, well, except for God.

I could do the X part, but I'd not be very good at it :)

Maybe I could do C9?

Wow, after re-reading my post; it looks terribly sarcastic. My apologies. I was trying to be funny. I stick with the psychological analysis though.

I will be there again. Girl from North Country you should definitely come. Last Monday was my first time going to a game night in any way, shape, or form, and it was a lot of fun. And the brownies were amazing.

@huitz - I didn't take it to be sarcastic. Frankly, I find it flattering that anyone would try to analyze my work from any perspective. I just sort of listened to the voices in my head. Psychoanalyze that.

i have to say, i'm blushing at the compliments on my brownies... thank you thank you... I'm glad you liked them! I hope tomorrow's will be as good!

Can't make it this week, I actually have a photo show opening at 6:30 at the Playground tonight, then it is Homegrown things.

Most likely next week though.

We had a great time last night playing Ticket to Ride and a round of Fluxx. It was only four of us and it was very laid back and social. Good times. Good times.

Sounds like people are up for getting together next Monday at the same time.

We didn't record anything for the movie project. Maybe I'll set that up for some other time.

Yes yes lots of fun on Monday, it was good to get to know the couple people there a little better. Hope to have the rest of you back again soon. Roger, Tim, Edge, Adem, Brian! And new people! I'll put up a reminder/invite Saturday afternoon for next Monday. Get your sharpie and put it in your calendar!

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