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Monday Night Board Gaming at Dragon Port Games & Comics

Monday Night PDD Board Gaming returns! We'll meet at Dragon Port Games & Comics this Monday, April 21, at 6:30pm.

I'll bring along Settlers of Catan (with the Seafarers expansion) and Ticket to Ride (USA, 1910, and Marklïn versions) and you can bring whatever you want. We can decide on what to play when we get there. I'd be interested in learning Puerto Rico if anyone brings that. Also, in the past we've had enough for 2 or 3 games going at the same time. So we can set up tables as needed.

In the past we've ordered out for food or brought our own.

Dragon Port Games & Comics is located at 3 South 4th Ave West.


WOOT! I'll bring brownies!

Just out of curiosity, does Dragon Port (or anywhere else in town) sell Ticket to Ride? I'd been meaning to go into Robin Goodfellow's to look when it closed.

I just stopped in at DPG and they didn't have Ticket to Ride in stock but said they could order it and get it within a week. If you want to test drive the game come to the board game night on Monday.

I'd love to come, but unfortunately have yoga Monday nights for the time being. I'll spread the word though. Woohoo!

My Name is Donny and I am one of the owners of the new Dragon Port Games & Comics Store.

Ticket to Ride is one of the games I forgot to stock in my first order. But as Ironic1 said we can order the game and have it in a week. Most often it will take less time than that.

I should have also said I plan to send out an order for it on the 18th anyway so it should be in by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Also we can order most any game of that nature and have it that quickly.

I have a self-imposed ban on playing Ticket to Ride due only to the end-game trigger. It enrages me and I start throwing things. That's no good.

If remember and go for it, I'll bring Puerto Rico and perhaps San Juan.

If you want to know which game triggers my enragement: munchkin fu or whatever the hell it's called. No rules. No point. I need structure, dangit!

Well, I guess I'm no longer just lurking on PDD. I'm in. I'm good for a copy of Puerto Rico as well.


Roger, I've never played Ra but I'm up for learning.

By the way, DGP is open until 9:00 so probably we'll only have time for 1 or 2 games. Guess we'll decide on what when we get there.

Some day, I'll actually be in town for one of these. You can have a good night with Ticket to Ride and Memoir 44.

Yay, I might actually show up for this. If I do, I'll bring Carcassonne & Fluxx.

Ticket to Ride should be in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday. Memoir 44, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne & Fluxx are in stock now.

Another great game that might be considered is Shadows over Camelot its a wonderful co-op game where everyone works together against the Game. Except there may be one traitor lurking secretly trying to undercut everyone else and help the game win.

Well I just got word that I will be in town this Monday and not out in the field in my "real" job so I think I will try to stop by and bring Shadows over Camelot and/or play/learn some other games as well.


How much would it cost to fly Klaus Teuber here from Germany to officiate a Catan tourney?

Why would we need Klaus? I'd be happy to administer a tourney if we have 16 (or more) people who would want to do one. I've learned some useful tourney rules for Catan by playing in on-line tourneys.

The most straightforward is divide 16 players into 4 games and then have the winner of each game play in a final round. Fast. Doable. Not very satisfying.

Better is to divide 16 players divide up into 4 games. Have the winners of each game play and have the runners up in each game play. Then the top two players of those games play in the final game.

Of course the other way to play is without an official tourney but just have a ladder which ranks players as they play. These are easy to set up and administer and then players can play whenever they wish. The advantage to this also is that players can agree to whatever ruleset they wish before play.

I'm partial to NTRR7 (no trade, reverse robber on 7s) rules but I also like DCM NTFR (development card madness (can't build cities, settlements, or play development cards until all development cards are purchased), no trade, full robber).


I'd prefer a tourney over a few months. 2 or 4 times a month. Ladder ranking based on points.

I'll sign up for your tourney, Adam.

Frip, I left Two Harbors early this morning and forgot to pack my copies of Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan. Do I need to go back or are we set for games okay tonight?

I dunno I will bring Shadows over Camelot & Robo Rally but I don't yet own either Settlers or Ticket to Ride yet.

Settlers is great and I think there are a lot of copies of that floating around. Ticket to Ride I would like to try sometime but I don't really know much about it.


I plan on joining you guys if that's cool. I would like to learn how to play some of the games listed above (I've never played any of them).

I hope n00bs are welcome!

I am tempted to join you guys just to hang out in person and catch up. But alas, I am always busy on Monday nights ... that and I have no idea how to play any of these games. But I certainly wish you luck and hope the new shop does well as they get started. I know how difficult (yet exciting) that can be. -JP

I have a copy of Settlers (sans any expansions) at my house but I had every intention of just walking over to the store after work rather than bus home then bus back. I'm sure we'll be fine with all the other games, but if we're not someone can always lift me to my house to grab Settlers, it's by UMD rather than Two Harbors ;-)

Just FYI for everyone, Dragon Port's Grand Opening is this weekend, check out the website, www.dragonportgames.com for more details.

That was pretty fun!

We didn't get through a full game... or even 1/2 of a full game, but it was fun to meet some of you guys none-the-less.

Looking forward to next week, and thank you Donny, for letting us use your store! Good things are to come there, it is quite clear!


I had a ton of fun too, although I wish we would've had enough time for me to win ;-) I will be returning for sure, as many times as everyone else keeps coming. I'm excited to learn Ticket to Ride.

Thanks for coming by everyone sorry I didn't get to sit down and play with all of you.

But we do finally have a working phone at Dragon Port now 218-260-2646 and it seemed like I got the credit card machine working on dialup. Though eventually it will be on speedy more reliable ethernet.

Sorry about the no plastic up until now.

If I am ever in town on Mondays before December (when my field season) normally ends I will try to stop by for some board gaming action.

Its fun to play shorter pick up boards game too rather than just my normal games of Warhammer, D&D, and such.



"Its fun to play shorter pick up boards game too rather than just my normal games of Warhammer, D&D, and such. "

... thinking about how long it took Robo Rally to get cooking-- We could have had an entire WFRP entry adventure!!! lol :D Just kidding, Donny :D

Yeah but warhammer will normally take that long for 2 players now just use your imagination on how long it might take when you get 8 people playing a big game of Warhammer. :) (We have done that a few times over the years.)

But I am off to work so see all of you later.


I'm Steve, the other co-owner of Dragon Port Games. It sounds ya'll had fun last night. Sorry, I missed it. I will normally be working Mondays and hope to see you there. Iconic, if you want to run your tourney or ladder at Dragon Port, we'd be happy to host it. We can even help promote it too. Let Donny or me know the details. Have a great evening everyone!

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