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Lost Doggy

Our friend and his dogs were walking in the woods along West Skyline parkway and 8th street today when one was hit by a car and ran away. If you live in the area and see a medium sized, red, short-haired dog, her name is Chili. She has tags and you should please call Dougherty veterinarian services. Pictures to follow.


8th St, east?

Well, I live near Enger Gold Course, so I'll be on the lookout!

Hope you find your baby!

The accident happened at West 8th Street, just below the 3 big mansions on the hill. But, who knows where she may wander.
Thanks for your lookout!

Success! She found her way home. She appears to be unscathed except for a scrape on her foot. Thanks to all who kept their eyes peeled.

I love a happy ending.

why were cars in the woods.

No cars in woods. Dog ran out of woods on to street.

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