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is 84 the new 27?

Now that we can pry the gun from his cold, dead hand, I noticed that Charlton Heston died at the age of 84. Also dead at 84 in the past year, among other notables, were Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Norman Mailer. In recent memory, Pope John Paul II also cut down in the prime of his life at 84. Is this the new 27? If so, we've got to put up with a few more Rolling Stones records. Just an observation.
Oh, and Duluth, Duluthy-luth.


I was waiting for someone to use the "cold dead hands" line. I will be watching South Park more to see what they have to say on this. I did not know that heston was a big civil rights activist and worked with Martin Luther King Jr. I found that interesting

Yes! We can totally get the gun now. I have been waiting for off color remarks as well. What does that say about me I wonder?

There was a great political cartoon in today's DNT on this very topic. Unfortunately they don't seem to post the cartoons on the interwebs.

Now Kurt Vonnegut I miss!

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