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I need some Scandanavian bread.


UPDATED: Now showing the pulla I made yesterday

I'm looking for some pulla (Finnish cardamom breakfast bread) or kanelbulle (Swedish version, with cinnamon). Is there anywhere in Duluth that makes either of these? European Bakery sells "specialty breads", but I don't know what that means. Johnson's Bakery & Coffee Shop doesn't have a Web site.

It's good to know that there are many places that have the stuff -- but where is the best?

Recommendations for the Twin Cities will be appreciated as well.


The best thing to do is try and find a old Finnish lady in the area that can make it whenever you ask.

Finn Fest 08 will be coming into town here this summer, you might be able to find one there.

All of my pulla and squeaky cheese connections are up on the Range :P

I pushed "post" too many times earlier and learned my lesson. I can't be a member because PDD isn't accepting so i'm going to ask another question. I'm kinda new in town and having trouble finding my scene. In Duluth it seems to be all banjo's and fiddles. Anywhere to hear some funk? some shake your pants jazz? and not the Red Star, because techno ain't my thing...

I bought cardamom bread from Twig Bakery (out by the airport) a few months ago. It looked very much like the bread in the picture.

I thought it was very good... but it was the first time I ever had it, so I'm not sure how it would stack up against homemade.

The sign in the European Bakery window advertises cardamom bread, so you may want to give it a try. My grandmother used to make it, but it was never that appealing to me.

There's the "new" place over in Superior above the Red Mug. I forget the name. Best stuff in the area. Worth a trip.

I think you should pick up a phone book, look under "Bakery" and call them. Both Johnson's and European are run by friendly people who could tell you directly what they do or do not have. I dont mean to be rude, but the fewer steps between your mounth and good bread the better.

i know of two fine young bloods here in duluth that will soon be opening a Bake Shoppe that will provide the types of authentic scandinavian things you seek...
on 1st street, i think by the ... oh shucks i'm not 100% shure... somewhere near lake ave

Thanks for the info. I don't actually live in Duluth, so my question is more for future reference. And in southwest Colorado, Scandanavian bakeries don't exist.

I ended up just baking some pulla today. It looks really good, if I say so myself. Coffee is brewing right now ...

hey, i'm curious about the two fine young bloods and the new bake shop. who/where/when?

Gosh, I miss the Patty Cake Shop...

I just saw some Cardamom Bread at Cub on the bottom shelf in the bakery section this weekend... all nice and braided and everything!

a scandinavian bakery/restaurant/gallery/shop is going into the old Robin Goodfellow space on Lake Ave.
I think Arna Rennan and Sons of Norway are behind it all.

tis gonna be called Takk for Maten. i read all about it in the Sons of Norway newsletter.

yes. i now publicly confess to lifelong membership.

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