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Homegrown Photostream

Frank Nichols

Keeping with the same template as last year, I've [EDIT: and others] started tagging [our] Homegrown Flickr photos as homegrownmusicfestival2008. I think it would be cool if other Flickr users did as well, so that we might assemble a massive slideshow of the week's events.

To see photos from this year as well as years past, check out the Homegrown Pool on Flickr.

Otherwise, watch PDD for photo updates as Homegrown progresses.


Where was this picture taken? I think I know someone in the picture.

This was taken at Pizza Luce, near the entrance, around 11pm on Sunday night.

That's Frank Nichols (yes, the guy concerned with "things," PDDers) in case anyone didn't know.

You gotta wonder what thing that wookiee is thinking about

The girl in the green shirt and pony tail is my daughter! (in the background) Really made me smile to see this!

The girl in the back ground with the green shirt and pony tail is my daughter! I live a long ways away from Duluth right now and it was great to see her.....! Thank you.

more crowd shots would be fun....kind of a hint, but I love crowd shots.

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