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GOD ROCKS trailer

Enjoy!! The trailer for our new film GOD ROCKS! Check it out on YouTube or at our website www.4trackfilms.com/godrocks/trailer

Watch for the Duluth Premiere - COMING SOON!


Oh, I am so going to love this film. So much. So, so much.

I was skeptical, but it looks pretty darn funny.

Where was this filmed? If it's clear that it's in MN, then I praise the minnesotans that continue to convince everyone else that we're bumbling idiots. Terrorists will look at MN, and say "Hmm. Not worth it."

Can't wait to see the flick :)

Nicely done. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Skeptical? me too. But that didn't stop me from hitting the coveted "belly laugh"

I think it looks awesome. That Kujawa boy looks rather fetching in it. If you see one film featuring Duluth this should be it. Mostly because Renee Zellwegger is not in it. KUJAWA RULES!

Was lucky enough to see the premier of Georgina Lightning's Older Than America, (as Ms. Deborah Collins agent this week, she's in the film and I coerced her audition:)- excellent film by the way and a hauntingly true story.
It is soooo sweet to see local faces, landmarks, and talent on the rise in film. Go (townies) from Duluth! It looks great 4Track, hilarious. And yes, Kujawa rules. Jeremy looks pretty hot too!

Nothing wrong with skepticism.
Something very wrong with the assumption that something of quality can't/won't/doesn't get made in Duluth. Where in the trailer did huitz gather the notion that this film will "continue to convince everyone else we're bumbling idiots?"
It just may convince everyone that we have talent and a sense of humor.

I think huitz was referring to the other movie out in the theaters which purports to be set in Duluth, even though it wasn't filmed here.

I was being facetious, suggesting that a lot of people won't get it (I can name a few supposedly "intelligent" coworkers from CO that fit the bill), and that being a good thing.


sorry for misreading.
i'm sure the whole lot will go straight to hell for poking fun, or so the coworkers will think.

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