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Girl on Girl Stratego


In honor of King Geek Ironic1, I searched the memory banks and found this shot of actual girl gamers gone wild ... er... with stratego. And ther are those of you who didn't believe me. BTW, I'm SOOOO dead for posting this pic..problem is I dont know if it's peepers or brandy that will get me first. Here's to living dangerously.

Now, the story depens as, after searching for a good stratego link for above, I cam across this

As Bruno Faidutti rightly reminds L'Attaque - the ancestor of Stratego - was invented in France. It was in fact designed by a lady, Mademoiselle Hermance Edan, who filed a patent for a "jeu de bataille avec pieces mobiles sur damier" (a battle game with mobile pieces on a gameboard) on 11-26-1908. The patent was released by the French Patent Office in 1909 (patent #396.795). Hermance Edan had given no name to her game but a French manufacturer - still to be identified - was selling the game as L'Attaque as early as 1910 (as advertised in a Parisian department store catalogue: see R.C. Bell, 'Games to play', 1988, p. 39). A red army was opposed to a blue one (already!).

original here

Here's to the girl gamer!


This is a thousand times funnier to me due to the fact that "Stratego" is used as a sex euphemism by my geeky boyfriend and I... };>

I feel obligated to mention that I played Stratego two days ago.

And now I read Bad Cat!'s comment. Ahem.
I played the board game.

I like the photo's in-game focus that the center gal is having, combined with the supposedly disinterested guy on the left.

Stratego used to be one of my favorites, because it was one of the few games I didn't feel bad about losing at (i.e. unlike chess).

hmm...a little stratego...a little wine...

nothing like a game of wit and skill to set the "mood."

Such lovely muscles.

Such lovely muscles.

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