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Geoff Herbach, new novel, at Northern Lights Thursday


Author Geoff Herbach reads from his book “The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg” at Northern Lights Books and Gifts, 307 Canal Park Drive, Thursday at 7 p.m. He’ll be joined by Sam Osterhout, a fellow member of the Minneapolis live lit group, the Lit 6 Project. A reception will follow the reading.
Sam and Geoff met at a Vegan convention in 2002. They founded the Lit 6 Project while attempting to sing "Summer Loving" at a Karaoke bar. They’re also part of the quirky universe known as “The Electric Arc Radio Show,” which airs in the Twin Cities.
The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg, set for national release April 15, “is a darkly comic, extraordinary peek into the delicate mind of a suicidal no-hoper,” writes Tish Cohen, author of Town House. “T. Rimberg is a superbly crafted character: death obsessed and soulful, resentful and ashamed, chivalrous and scruffy. In his brilliant debut novel, Geoff Herbach parks good and evil side-by-side in the sandbox and, with masterful confidence, allows them to figure things out for themselves."
The author is the son of former Duluthian Max Herbach, a multilingual local raconteur, video artist and retired communications executive at Minnesota Power and ALLETE.


i wish youngish writers would stop trying to be so utterly clever and just try to write something brilliant, or at least not some damn hi-fi and super-charged. we already have a dave eggers, or whatever his name is, let's not all try so hard to be cLeVeR and maybe just try to write as you see it. we're all damn original, quirkly, nonsuch--don't try to put your polka dots on the plaid just for loud bla bla-ness sake. you're all plenty genius, just let the literary MTV in your head go on mute for awhile. I mean, this event does sound sort of interesting, but it sounds like it was written by some tweaked out band bio writer trying to draw a hip crowd. forgive me.

That's fair. You should know that the bio is pulled from our website about a sort of theater show we do that revolves around these cracked characters who act in a strange ways. The intent isn't exactly the way you're reading it, but yes, I totally get it. Really love the "literary MTV in your head" line. If you visit for the reading, you will not see posturing. I promise.

I'm really glad someone put this up! I was just going to put in my plug today! If any Cities folks come across this and can't make our event, go to his release reading at the Loft tomorrow @ 7pm.

I am very cynical of the "literary MTV" plugs that are out there, but as an avid reader, bookstore employee, English faculty (adjunct of course, otherwise I'd be hard-pressed to do the rest), I want to ensure just-stopping and anyone else who is wary, that this is an event well-worth stopping by to hear. Geoff combines an interesting approach to the epistolary novel with a very human voice and events that explore history, family, relationships, choices and opportunities (to grossly summarize). With all the events going on this month, this one is definitely one of the ones I'm most excited about.

This sounds like fresh literature. I'm there.

I hope more of these type of reccomendations go up. I have recently re discovered fiction and lit and don't really know many non mainstream contemporary writers. I am not kidding when I say the last new fiction book I read was "Youth In Revolt" by C.D. Payne. I have been consumed with school books for a long time so cut me some slack. Although it will be hard to top "1984"for me, I want to get back into fiction and today's lit that is not by John Grisham or Norah Roberts. They are good writers but very mainstream. Thanks for the recommendation.

nbayuk: well, it's hard to top classics like 1984, but there are a lot of great contemporaries out there at varying levels of fame and renown definitely worth checking out. In addition to Herbach, my two other current favorites are Junot Diaz and Aimee Bender - both with a couple titles under their belts. There are some good titles coming out this summer too.

Nice reading, Geoff! I think I liked the suicide letter to Madonna best. Hope you sell tons of copies.

Check out Geoff's book if you like things a little off kilter...

Thank you Cathy P!

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