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Geek Prom 2008


My photos are up on Flickr. I tagged them GeekProm2008.


As your new king I have pledged to advocate geek culture on your behalf. Specifically I will be posting at least one geek related post every week on PDD for the 52 weeks of my reign. "How does this differ from your usual posting habits on PDD?" you may well ask. The difference is that I will be doing it as King of the Geeks.

It is a heavy burden that I take upon my shoulders from my successor, Neal. What am I saying? This is going to be fun!

All hail the new Geek King!

p.s. Great photos, Starfire.

Congratulations, Trish!

Nobody in Star Trek costumes?

I am VERY disappointed.

And Gene Simmons isn't a geek, he's just plain creepy now. Ace or Peter Chris would still be geeky.

fret not partsguy. there were trekkers there.

Did anyone else see the guy who kinda/not really looked like Wil Wheaton?
(dark suit, gold chain)

And Trekkers are old school - BSG is the new black!

Predecessor, Ironic? (Unless deposed King Neal is planning a bloody coup)

Hey, do you still have the hair crimper?

Sorry my teen daughter forgot and needed reminding!

As you say, GFtNC. I guess I was giddy with my coronation.

And, yep, I have the crimper. I'll drop it off soon. Thanks.

No problem - the Mean Teen won't be here for a couple of days so our crimping needs are being met.

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