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Geek News

kinggeekhobbit.jpgThanks to his newly acquired title as King of the Geeks, it was announced today that Ironic1's beard has been chosen as the shoot location for all forest settings in Peter Jackson's new Hobbit movie.

Congrats your majesty.


I'm just glad the site location scouting is over. It was making me itch. And you ever clean up after a Hollywood scouting crew? I was combing empty Starbucks cups out of my beard for a month, I swear.

If Orlando's there, I'm jumping in!

if you ever need a "beard double" let me know. I'll have to trim it up a bit but mine should work.

I've been trying to grow a beard for years. Lucky ducks.

I tried to grow a mustache/goatee combo as soon as my facial hair started coming in. It was spotty and lame until I started growing it out a bit and then shaving it off. In my case the old wives tale about shaving something off and having it come back thicker was true.

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